Upgrade a dead gateway PC

  sneakerman 20:31 13 May 2004

A friend (!) asked me to help revive his dead gateway PC, it appears the hard drive has died, it was a Quantum 10.2 disk, the PC ran Windows98 and had a P3 500Mhz processor
I'm looking for advice as to what new hard drive to buy???


  Pikachu 20:52 13 May 2004

Friends have complained they have bought Maxtor harddrives and they have died just before or after the warranty period. Others I know also have suggested similar issues. Although im not saying there a bad company as others may have had luck with their drives, me personally went for a Western Digital there harddrive seem to be reliable and have bought theirs for years.

As for the type of drive it really depends what you use it for, if you download or upload a lot of files, i.e. mp3's, you possibly require a larger storage so go for something like 80Gb -120Gb but if you are a heavy downloader you probably need a greater capacity. Windows and a lot of applications require some amount of storage so naturally go for a decent size so you won't be forced to buy another one in a few years

  accord 21:28 13 May 2004

i have a maxtor 40GB and been fine for 18 months. I think (dont quote me on this) but alot of people on this forum like the maxtors. might be worth creating a thread as to what HD people recommend.

  accord 21:30 13 May 2004
  Graham ® 21:34 13 May 2004

I wouldn't buy anything until you know for certain what is wrong. What happens when you boot?

  Daz35 21:48 13 May 2004

I've got (well had) an 80Gb Maxtor H/D and at this precise moment wouldn't be recommending them. My machine is only 5 months old and already the drive has died. I await a replacement from Taiwan (bought from PC world) - "we haven't got any in stock". Rather pathetic in my opinion. Maybe I was just unlucky but am still waiting a phone call from PC service call for the arrival of said replacement. They quoted me 5 working days and guess what?, 6 working days today and nothing. So, in a nutshell, I wouldn't recommend Maxtor.

  Irishman 23:09 13 May 2004

I've just returned two Maxtor drives to Dabs because of excessive noise. I don't think these drives take a lot of abuse as regards transport, then again maybe I was just unlucky.

  sneakerman 08:49 14 May 2004

Thanks for the replies, I guess I wasn't clear, the hard drive is dead, I have put my own HD in and although it doesn't boot completly, it does try to (His is Win98 mine is XP).
The info I am after is 'type' of HD. I cannot find any reference anywhere for the Gateway so I don't know what HD restrictions there are, EG I'm fairly sure that the spec won't support larger than 137GB (Not that I'm thinking that large). The standard seems to be about 80-120GB at the moment, will the spec take ATA133 80-120GB drives without complaint, possibly I would need to partition it on my XP machine first and then install it?


  expertec 09:12 14 May 2004

All the hard drives i've used have been good except for several Quantum drives, they always failed but the Maxtor, Seagate, Samsung, Western Digital etc. are still good and going

  mdshamilton 09:31 14 May 2004

A few years ago I upgraded the HD in my old Gateway PC and added a CDRW drive - I put in a 120G HD, but had all sorts of problems. I eventually had to update the BIOS to get it to work again.

Although Gateway withdrew from the European market, they should be able to tell you what type of motherboard the PC has...try this link to their support site.

click here

  sneakerman 13:25 14 May 2004

I have looked at the US site, but I don't know the model number (I doesn't seem to be on the case anywhere) and the serial number is not recognised

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