Upgrade CPU

  JACC 19:55 23 Oct 2003

I've got an ECS K7S5A mobo and would like to upgrade the cpu ,i was wondering what i could go up to safley . I'm using W98se and currently have a 1800xp+ ,will i notice a great deal of improvement , i've got two gamers in the house so speed and power is all ( well for them anyway).

  rickf 20:03 23 Oct 2003

Why not check it with the website of the mobo? I think you can safely upgrade to 2000+ or more. See if you need to flash the bios first though. Double check. Do not take my word for it.

  mark500 20:05 23 Oct 2003

If it is the ECS K7S5A Pro it
Supports Athlon/Duron CPU at 266/200MHz FSB up to AMD XP 2600+ CPU

  bremner 20:06 23 Oct 2003

Was this not answered in your previous thread click here

  Simon_P 20:07 23 Oct 2003

click here

XP 2600+ is the max

Although if you are looking for gamong power you may be better off upgraging your graphics card instead or as well as.

What graphics card do you have?

  JACC 20:25 23 Oct 2003

GeForce MX 420

  Simon_P 20:31 23 Oct 2003

If this is a Geforce 4 MX 220 then this is the loest spec GF4 that there is.

In my opinnion you would get a vast performance increase by upgraging this to a higher spec geaphics card.

Look at the reviews on this site.

Sorry but I'm not too up on G cards, maybe someone else will be ablt to advise you.

But I am running a XP 1900+ with a GF 3 Ti 200 and the performance is very good for an older card.

  Lead 20:40 23 Oct 2003

You will definitely see more of a result by upgrading your graphics card as opposed to your CPU.

I would recommend a gfx card the best ATI chip you can afford.

  JACC 22:45 24 Oct 2003

Could anyone recommend a graphics card for around £75.I've got to try a sneak in a new card before the christmas shopping starts , you know how it is !

  SGT BARNES 22:49 24 Oct 2003

have a look here , they've got a few around the price you want to spend.

dont know where you live but you can find them at most of the pc fairs in the south of england.

they also do mail order

click here

  Simon_P 18:25 26 Oct 2003

I would recomend that you avoid the MX cards as you will be right back where you are now.
Go for ti card.
click here and click the Video card link and left

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