Upgrade computer or just wait and buy a new one?

  Ripebear 02:58 20 Jun 2012

Here is a link with all information you will need for the PC:


But here's it in short: 4 GB RAM 3GHZ Intel Dual Core Radeon 4870 HD 1GB http://www.abit.com.tw/ IP35 PRO(P35+ICH9R) 1.0 - Mboard 500GB HDD

I'm unsure about Power supply but it has been upgraded much more recently than the 5 years ago I got computer. Like 2 years ago, I think 650 Watt

Can I upgrade for a relatively cheap price until I save for a computer that will run anything on High/Ultra? I can spend a few hundred pounds easily then wait to upgrade.

The RAM may be ok but I think the CPU and the Graphics card need an upgrade right now.

Thoughts? What cards can go with that Mboard??

  KRONOS the First 08:44 20 Jun 2012

You cannot post a link to a file that is actually only on your PC ( :///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Belarc/Advisor/System/tmp/(Luke-PC).html)

You are looking to upgrade,you currently have a rather old and poor mobo (Abit) and an old socket 775 CPU, I really think that you should probably wait until you can afford a new one or build it yourself. Perhaps just get a motherboard with an Intel CPU perhaps a new GPU and case. You have a power supply and hardrive, though if it is the old IDE connection then you will probably need to move to the newer Sata connections. You do really need to mention your budget is you are looking to upgrade and also, what is the main use of the PC?

By the way if you are not a major gamer then there is nothing wrong with your current graphics card.

  Ripebear 22:09 20 Jun 2012

I will mainly be gaming. I want to run games like World of Warcraft on full settings while been able to record in a raid with 25 people. And as you said, I may just wait 1-2 months and buy a whole new system. Also maybe streaming as well.

You are right, I doubt there is any point in upgrading when I can buy a whole new system for around 1000 UK pounds in 2 months.

I'm assuming I can get a system that will most likely run BF3 on Ultra with most settings maxed, just buying the Tower for around 1 grand? Now recording with BF3 Ultra, we are talking 2-3 thousand pounds ? With decent FPS?

  spuds 07:27 21 Jun 2012

I generally found that trying to upgrade an old computer bears many problems, regarding cost, compatibility and other issues, especially when it comes from basic computing to an higher level like latest gaming.

I would suggest that you start by having a 'fixed' budget on what you can afford, then start a search of information and prices from the many well known named manufacturer's ranges. Spending £500 on upgrading an old computer, to spending £600 on a brand new possible higher specification machine is he wiser way, unless you can spend £200 and achieve your main aim?.

  KRONOS the First 08:25 21 Jun 2012

For a grand you can either buy or build a PC that will be more than capable of running that incredibly boring game BF3 on ultra settings.

  Terry Brown 09:35 21 Jun 2012

As you have all the equoipment you need for your computer, I suggest you look at Motherboard bundles.

They are prebuilt and contain the CPU and Memory, all you have to do is to remove the old motherboard and fit the new one in place. Check that the graphics card you have will fit in the new board and that the memory supplied (you can always add to it)is enough or that the memory on your old board is the same as the new memory.

Suggest look at places like: Micro direct Novatech or do a search with these parameters (Motherboard bundle)

You could even buy a new BOX where all you have to do is plug in your keyboard,mouse etc and install an operating system.


  Ripebear 20:49 21 Jun 2012

I won't even play BF3, it's just a benchmark I want to hit so I know I'm safe to run most games at high settings for the next few years.

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