Upgrade CD Can be used on a formatted harddrive.

  Thanuseelan 21:31 04 Jan 2003
  Thanuseelan 21:31 04 Jan 2003

I have been running Win XP Pro since a few days after it came out. The PC I am using it on is about 18 months old. Since then I have accumilated a lot of unwanted rubbish in the System 32 and Winnt files. I know that the best way to get rid of this is to reformat the harddrive. I would like to use Windows XP home edition instead. I have a brandnew untouched UPGRADE cd for XP home. This cd cost £90. I would like to install it. I know I can't upgrade of downgrade XP pro. If I reformatted my harddrive would I e able to install this upgrade cd on the harddrive. Or would I need the Full installation cd instead.

Recently I upgraded a friends computer to XP home, and noted that on this upgrade cd there was an option of upgrade of full. This slightly confuses me. Can I install this Home Upgrade cd on my harddrive once it has been formatted.

  woodchip 21:36 04 Jan 2003

If you have Win98 or WinME you can install over one of those that is all. As far as I know

  DieSse 22:00 04 Jan 2003

To use an upgrade CD, you do not need to have an earlier version actually installed, but you must have the CD for it - it will at some point ask you to put in the old version, simply to check that you do in fact own it, so that it is OK for you to use the upgrade CD.

That's the meaning of the "upgrade or full" question.

  woodchip 22:10 04 Jan 2003

Thanks that also informs me

  Mac & Beth 22:23 04 Jan 2003

click here

As DieSse says have your old version CD handy.

  Mac & Beth 22:24 04 Jan 2003

Upgrade versions only:
4b. Insert qualifying media
If you are attempting to clean install with a Windows XP Home or Pro Upgrade CD, you will see this screen, which requires you to insert your previous Windows CD in order to verify that you qualify for the Upgrade version.
Curiously, it says that you can use CDs from Windows NT 3.51 and Windows 95 in addition to those from 98, 98 SE, Millennium, or 2000, though these products cannot be upgraded to XP.

Once you've proven that you qualify, hit ENTER to continue

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