Upgrade to bigger hard drive

  rithym 08:28 19 Aug 2003

I currently have 40Gb HD in my PC which is almost full I would like to put a larger one in. Rather than put my OS (xp home) & programs onto the new HD from scratch is there a way of putting the new HD as a slave to the old one and transferring the whole drive across as is? If so can someone please advise of a program that will do this and where I might get it.... thanks in advance

  Jester2K II 08:31 19 Aug 2003

XXCopy click here

According to Wak in my thread click here the command XXCOPY C:\ D:\/CLONE will clone you c drive to the d drive.

Not tried it but there are other confirmations.

  stlucia 08:33 19 Aug 2003

There are ways, and I'm sure others will give you details.

But the simplest thing is to install your new HDD as slave, and then move only your data to it, leaving operating system and other programs on the original drive.

  -pops- 08:36 19 Aug 2003

I would go with stlucia's suggestion. Moving your operating system around doesn't always work very successfully and you are safer keeping it where it is and copying your data to the new drive.

You would be wise though to put a full backup of your original drive on your new one - just in case!

  Jester2K II 08:38 19 Aug 2003

"Moving your operating system around doesn't always work very successfully"

In that case clone the old drive to the new one. Put the old one away from a week or two whilst you test the new one. If all ok, format the old one and use it as a back up drive.

  DieSse 08:49 19 Aug 2003

If you are getting a higher performance drive (say 7200rpm, instead of a 5400 rpm, and possible with a larger cache) - then there is a big potential performance benefit in putting your new drive as the Master, with the OS and programs on it..

For total safety, Jester 2K II suggestion is a good one - don't wipe the data on the old drive until the new one has been OK for a couple of weeks.

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