Upgrade advice please!

  Andanotherthing 14:25 26 Jan 2007

I have inherited a PC with an ASROCK GE Pro-(-M) (1.00) M/B with a 2.4 Pentium 4, 512mg of DDR memory and an 80 gig HD. Given this M/B has an AGP x4 slot can anyone recommend an ideal graphics card that will play the latest games, not cost the earth and (if poss) have an HDMI out? Also I assume I will need to add more memory - if you can recommend suppliers of the bits I need (I've been told scan.co.uk are good)I will be grateful. Many thanks

  spuds 16:56 26 Jan 2007

Bits and pieces click here click here

  Totally-braindead 17:04 26 Jan 2007

You would be better with another 512mb RAM, goto Crucial for that as they will guarantee to supply the right memory.
Graphics cards might be a problem in that the newer faster ones all need additional power and you might need a new power supply as well - it depends what power supply you have.
The 4x AGP slot is not as much of an issue as you might think, a 8X card will work but at a slightly slower speed ( I know it looks like its half the speed but its not its a lot less than that ).
I would like to point out that the very latest games require a faster processor than you have. You may well find things like FEAR will run if you upgrade the graphics and memory but the newest ones will not run. As an example I have here Splinter Cell Double Agent it requires a 3 ghz processor. You can upgrade it, it will run most games but there is the odd very new game it will not run.

  Totally-braindead 17:07 26 Jan 2007

Forgot about a graphics card I would say something like a GeForce 7600GS about £75 but it does need a good power supply, minimum 400 watts I think it is. You could get a 7600GT its a better card but more pricey, perhaps another £20.
That and another 512mb RAM will play most things.

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