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  De Marcus™ 22:40 11 Apr 2010

Hi all,

I'm looking to make a few adjustments to my pc and thought this to be the best place to ask. I've been out of the technology loop for a couple of years now and I've decided to upgrade. The pc in question is a home build from 2008. It's quick but it showing its age in terms of disk access speed, gaming performance and video editing abilities. The current spec is below:-

Intel Core 2 quad Q6600 Skt 775 8mb L2 cache
Asus P5n-E SLI Mobo
GeForce 8600Gt SLI
4GB of matched 1gb pair’s pc6400 DDR2 800 OcZ Extreme memory

I doubt the extra peripherals would cause any impediment so I haven't listed them. My main concern here is cash. I've limited any upgrades to £200; it's not a minimum or maximum, but a ball park figure as I'd like to get my pc up to speed again without splashing out on extravagant components. My main pursuits on the pc are HD video editing using Sony Vegas 9, a bit of photo editing using Micrografx picture publishing 10 and Photoshop, and finally a tiny amount of gaming (which seems ok to me playability wise). I should mention the graphics card is linked up to dual monitors which I guess puts a strain on the card??
From what I’ve gathered the most expensive upgrade (if needed) is going to be a new CPU, which is fine if it’s cost effective, i.e. enough ‘worthwhile’ bang for the buck. The upgrades I’m not looking forward too would possibly be the motherboard (my case has easy access but the thought of backing up, disconnecting all my gizmos and reinstalling is spine chilling as I’ve recently had a nightmarish job doing the same thing for my sister on a legacy PC with non existent driver CD or downloadable options!). The other ‘hopefully not the problem’ area is the HDD, I’ve a feeling my sata drive isn’t up to the standards demanded from my software and perhaps this is where I’m going wrong. My old setup had dual 74gb raptor drives which quite literally flew, but I’ve since replaced them with a more capacious model as I was fast running out of space (I could easily fill a 100GB hard drive in a few hours with HD footage) and had a slower disk speed. I’m left wondering if I could get a large and fast HDD using my old 250GB HDD as storage/backup. Graphics are absolutely fine, I suppose their out of date but they’ve never come into question when processing ability has been concerned when I’ve discussed this in the office.

I’m not sure which way to go, I’m hoping for a new CPU, which saves me a lot of time in terms of how long my PC is out of action but I think my HDD’s are the real problem. A new mobo is also going to be a real headache but I'm wide open to suggestions.

What do you guys think?

  De Marcus™ 22:43 11 Apr 2010

Sorry, I'm running windows 7 ultimate
(recently upgraded from ebuyer.com).

  De Marcus™ 22:43 11 Apr 2010

Sorry, I'm running windows 7 ultimate
(recently upgraded from ebuyer.com).

  De Marcus™ 22:46 11 Apr 2010

lol, I've been on this forum since 2004 and that double posting gremlin is still here. ;-)

  citadel 18:36 12 Apr 2010

your cpu is known to be a good overclocker so all you need is a decent cooler like the titan fenrir £30.

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