Upgrade 98 to XP; Can I do the following..

  Simsy 19:48 24 Sep 2006


I have bought WinXP upgrade for my son. He currently has Win98se, running on a 20Gig drive. It's a machine I built for him, some years back, and we have the genuine Win98se OEM disc, (i.e. not a restore disc)...

I'm improving his HDD space at the same time, so I've bought an 80Gig HD. Using MY pc I've partitioned this, and formatted it NTFS, in anticipation of installing the XP upgrade onto it. (The 20 Gig drive will then become a slave, used for backups etc).

The procedure I'm trying is;

Removed the 20 Gig drive

Installed new, NTFS formatted drive

Boot from WinXP upgrade disc

Insert Win98se CD when prompted, to indicate validity of upgrade.

Should the above procedure work?

(I'm concerned that the upgrade sees the NTFS partition, (which it hasn't created itself), and decides that this couldn't have had 98 on and thus not permit installation.)

Have I been to clever by preparing the new HDD?

I'm currently getting stuck with booting from the XP upgrade CD... BIOS runs, then XP CD runs and says, (something like), "checking existing hardware", and then nada, nowt, zilch. I give it a looooonng time but it gets nowhere. This is repeatable.

I realise that it's possible I've disturbed something while changing the HDDs, but I'd really appreciate confirmation that my intended sequence for installing should work, and the halt isn't caused by my method.

Thanks in anticpation.



  Simsy 17:28 09 Oct 2006

I ended up doing an "Upgrade" over the original, rather than a fresh install, as a fresh install was giving problems! Go figure! I still had a few things to sort out, but managed to get everything ok in the end and son is now back at uni with XP working nicely.

Anyway, I have subsequently, while dealing with a completely seperate problem, discovered what I think was the problem with the disc not being recognised as "master", but only as "slave"...

I had bought 3 new HDDs. They are all "Western Digital" OEM, and it was one of these that was giving the problem. Another was to be used in conjunction with an external HDD enclosure, and was bought for a pal. I know, from previous experience, that when using these enclosures the HDD must be set as "master", so I changed the jumper from it's supplied, default, position of "cable select" to "master".

Unfortunately the unit didn't work. The PC wasn't acknowledging that anything had been plugged into the USB socket. I've just returned from the suppliers, who had spent some time on it, including changing the enclosure, (to no avail). Eventually they realised what the problem was...

Apparently for "Western Digital" HDD, the correct jumper setting for it to be "Master" is to have NO jumpers in place. The jumper position marked as "Master" is ONLY applicable if there is also a "slave" drive on the cable!!

This was the situation I was in with my sons PC; When I had it as "Master" it was the only HDD on the cable.

Now the shop has removed the jumper on the HDD that is in the enclosure all is well.

A lesson learned there. There is no indication, (as far as I can see!), on the HDD itself that this is the case. Perhaps with a drive that isn't OEM it's explained in the documentation? Or should I have just known it?

Anyway... all seems to be well now.



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