Upgrade 98 to XP; Can I do the following..

  Simsy 19:48 24 Sep 2006


I have bought WinXP upgrade for my son. He currently has Win98se, running on a 20Gig drive. It's a machine I built for him, some years back, and we have the genuine Win98se OEM disc, (i.e. not a restore disc)...

I'm improving his HDD space at the same time, so I've bought an 80Gig HD. Using MY pc I've partitioned this, and formatted it NTFS, in anticipation of installing the XP upgrade onto it. (The 20 Gig drive will then become a slave, used for backups etc).

The procedure I'm trying is;

Removed the 20 Gig drive

Installed new, NTFS formatted drive

Boot from WinXP upgrade disc

Insert Win98se CD when prompted, to indicate validity of upgrade.

Should the above procedure work?

(I'm concerned that the upgrade sees the NTFS partition, (which it hasn't created itself), and decides that this couldn't have had 98 on and thus not permit installation.)

Have I been to clever by preparing the new HDD?

I'm currently getting stuck with booting from the XP upgrade CD... BIOS runs, then XP CD runs and says, (something like), "checking existing hardware", and then nada, nowt, zilch. I give it a looooonng time but it gets nowhere. This is repeatable.

I realise that it's possible I've disturbed something while changing the HDDs, but I'd really appreciate confirmation that my intended sequence for installing should work, and the halt isn't caused by my method.

Thanks in anticpation.



  [DELETED] 22:27 24 Sep 2006

the cmos jumper is just below the cmos battery.

Normal position is on left and middle. To clear it's middle and right.;-)

This bios supports 80Gb hard drives.

  [DELETED] 22:30 24 Sep 2006

easy solution.

Install XP on 20Gb drive with programs. ( this is big enough )

use the 80Gb drive as a slave, to store stuff.

  Simsy 23:06 24 Sep 2006

I can't persue this any longer tonight as son has now gone to bed, and PC is in his room... I'll deal tomorrow.

Thanks for the SATA/EIDE clarification ed-0.

When you say, "This bios supports 80Gb hard drives." are you refering to my existing BIOS? Do you have this MOBO?

I'm pretty sure that when I set it up I had the drives set to auto, but I'll check that tomorrow. I only added the 6 gig one about a year ago. (before that there was just the single 20 gig in the PC) I'm sure I didn't have to do anything for it to be seen. Presumably I would have if it wasn't set to auto?

Using the 20 Gig 80 gig split you suggest is possible... but only if I can get the 80Gig drive recognised!

Thanks PSF... I'll look into it tomorrow.

Thanks again folks.

I'll get on to it tomorrow.



  [DELETED] 06:47 25 Sep 2006

" When you say, "This bios supports 80Gb hard drives." are you refering to my existing BIOS? Do you have this MOBO? "

No don't need to.

It tells you that the motherboard will support 80GB+ hard drives on the manufacturers web site.

  Simsy 08:03 25 Sep 2006

While not doubting you, where did you find that info? I spent considerable time on the soltek site last night looking for such confirmation.




  Simsy 11:03 25 Sep 2006

that if I have the drive set as "Slave" it is detected OK.

If it is set as "Master" it doesn't get detected, even if it is the only drive connected, and regardless of which connector on the cable is used??

So I'm going ahead with the install with the disc as "Slave"

I don't anticipate problems... but no doubt I'll be back if there are!




  Simsy 13:26 25 Sep 2006

Installation started... but after a while I got a fatal error blue screen. I restarted, as directed, and it seemed to pick up where it left off, only for the same thing to happen again.

So I removed 1 stick of RAM... same again

I changed the RAM over........ same again

I removed all pci bits not needed, modem, network card, sound card, usb card, and only the one HDD connected... same again!!

I'm currently taking a Drive image of the working Win98, (on original 20 Gig), so if the worst comes to the worst he can go back to uni no worse than when he came home, with a working 98. I then intend to try "upgrading" onto this original HD.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!




  [DELETED] 15:01 25 Sep 2006

Have you tried setting the drives to cable select instead of master and slave. As long as you have the 'master' on the end and 'slave' in the middle the cable should detect which one is master/slave.

  [DELETED] 15:08 25 Sep 2006

If bios upgrade K4.1 is for hard drives over 137Gb. Then the standard bios will use the 127GB maximum bios limitation.

click here

  Simsy 15:21 25 Sep 2006

No, I hadn't tried that. If it really proves to be the only way then I will.

ed-0... Not obvious to me I'm afraid. I had found that page... It seems to me that's a rather a big assumption you're making... but it obviously can handle it, as it is recognised as a slave.




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