Upgrade 95 to 98, best way to go?

  Kitz E Kat 09:03 18 Aug 2003

Hi,i am upgrading a computer with 95 i have a 98se full instsall disk, i was trying to get an upgrade disc.

Can i upgrade the 95 installation to 98 with a full install disk without trashing the HD,i need to keep , if possible , the programs on the computer,if so how?

Or should i just wipe the thing and do a clean install.

My preference is to retain as much on the disk as is possible.

Kitz E

  Jester2K II 09:06 18 Aug 2003

Best bet is to do the full install.

Been a few threads recently on upgrading with a Full CD instead of an upgrade CD. I've never been able to do it - others say they can.

Try the upgrade route first. Once you have ironed out any problems (drivers etc) then think abut backing up and wiping the disk. Windows Always benefits from a nice clean install..

  xania 10:08 18 Aug 2003

Firstly, if its important, it should be backed up. Then, of course, you can get all back by reverting to the back up. However, although you can install 98SE over the top, you never know what nasties might come out of the woodwork - and then you really are stuck. A better approach, if you've got space on you HD and a decent partition manager, is to create a new partition with a copy of your old system, and only then to format C:\ and install 98SE. One major advantage here is that, if anything goes wrong, you've still got your original to go back to, and, of course, you can drag any required files back to C:\ after the event.
However, why not use the opportunity to really get to grips with your data. Only install what you really need on C:\ and create new partitions for your software, your data, and, once completed and tested, a 'safe' version of your new OS so that you can revert to this, rather than do a complete re-installation, next time things go wrong.

  pj123 13:16 18 Aug 2003

What size is the hard disk you are working on? If it has Win 95 on it I would suspect it is not very big?

  Philip2 17:12 18 Aug 2003

Windows 98 is coming to the end of it's days and you will have to pay for support Windows ME would be the better upgrade but it depends on the size of your hard drive as this has been put to you on a thread by pj123 if it is a 10GB you will be ok.

  Kitz E Kat 18:05 18 Aug 2003

The hard disk is a chunky 6 GIG!!!! As things stand there are 3 partitions each 1.99 .
I do believe that a clean install is best but, i aint gonna get any of the programs .

Can i do a simple drag and drop in win exp from C: to D: and then wipe C: and load 98 on C:??

Thanks all for your time

Kitz E

  Philip2 14:34 19 Aug 2003

I would say not but there are other people on the forum better in IT than myself could say otherwise
As you only have a small hard drive you should use it to the full for XP or you could buy a 10 or
20GB HD your mobo should be ok with these.

  Jester2K II 14:42 19 Aug 2003

"Can i do a simple drag and drop in win exp from C: to D: and then wipe C: and load 98 on C:?? "

No because files will be in use and your programs won't work from the D Drive.

  pj123 15:58 19 Aug 2003

If you have 3 partitions you should have C: D: and E: What is on the D: and E: drives at the moment?

  Kitz E Kat 19:30 19 Aug 2003

Thanks for your advice, this is where its at!!!

I decided to drag and drop all of the C: drive to the D: drive, there is nothing on either D: or E:...

I formatted C: and went to install 98, however during the install it stopped and said ' your computer has an operating system that can not be upgraded by this version of Win98, you need an upgrade version'.....

Heh.... hello... i formatted the C: drive, it aint got diddly squat... stupid Win98!!!

I think that it detected the 95 OS files on the D: drive,, am i correct???

In which case i am gonna have to format that also? Or at least get rid of the OS files, defeating the purpose of putting them there in the first place.

Thanks all
Kitz E Kat

  pj123 12:28 20 Aug 2003

We are getting deeper into the mire here. How did you format C:? Did you use a boot disk? What have you now got on drive D:? You can't drag and drop Programmes, Operating Systems from one drive to another, only files. The Windows 98 disk may have found a file called "command.com" on drive D: which will stop the installation. You need to find that file and delete it and try again.

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