freedom2fly 18:13 17 Feb 2003

hi there i want to up grade im currently on windows 98se with 256 pc133 ran 1333 speed chip matsonic mother board and i want to upgrade to a 4 gig speed chip not sure how much ram is best 4 that size chip could some one tell me i allso want windows xp how much would all this cost thanks 4 any info

  powerless 18:39 17 Feb 2003

Although you tell us your motherboard, we need a little more information about it. Model number, etc...

If you click here download and install it will tell us the info we really need to know.

Also there isnt a 4 gig chip the highest is a 3.06 gig chip. Which i do not think you could have anyway, unless you renew the motherboard.

Generally, more RAM the better, dosnt matter how much RAM to a certain chip.

If you want to upgrade to windows XP you have to be certain that Windows XP will install on your computer without any problem. For example your graphics card my not be compatiable. If you click here it will run a quick scan to determine if your machine is capable of running windows XP. However if you click here and download the "Windows XP Upgrade Advisor" it will perform a more thorough scan of you system. It is a large download, you can also get this of cover disc on magazines.

  freedom2fly 18:56 17 Feb 2003

thanks powerless i clicked the links i saw that my internet explorer was not up to date could u tell me where i could get the update i clicked the first link in your message do u no my system info now i relise i will need to make a few upgrades could u please tell me wot other stuff u need to know or do u know how much it would cost me now to make the upgrade to 3.6 gig chip and 3x 512 ddr ram thank you

  Rayuk 19:20 17 Feb 2003

P4 3.06 £550
Motherboard £160
Memory PC2100[ddr] £300
WindowsXP Home oem edition £70
Pro oem edition £108
Power supply ???

  freedom2fly 20:05 17 Feb 2003

ray uk wot do u mean power supply lol sorry im a beggener lol where is the best place to get all this done wen u say pc2100 is that the ram speed thanks

  Rayuk 21:00 17 Feb 2003

re power supply.
The P4 needs extra connecter plugged into the motherboard from the psu
The PC2100 is [266{133x2DDR}]
You may be better to go and have a word withyour local computer store who should give you all the info you need.
Or may be better looking at full system

  freedom2fly 21:07 17 Feb 2003

thank ray uk ill do that ty

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