smithy12345j 18:24 08 Jun 2012

can anyone please advise me on what i need to upgrade next, i have had my rig for a few years and would like to know what the next thing i would most benefit from upgrading and an ideal model number would be appreciated

GTX 460 se i5 760 @ 2.80 GHz RAM 12GB 500 GB HDD

overall windows rating of 5.9 due to hdd GPU 6.0 RAM 7.5 CPU 7.3

  KRONOS the First 18:39 08 Jun 2012

An SSD would be a good upgrade,a 128 Crucial M4 is a great buy at the moment.

But as to upgrading anything else,it would be helpful to have an idea of your main use for the PC. I am assuming that you are not a gamer. I have just got my Windows rating to 7.8,I do not believe it is possible to get to the max 7.9 or so I am led to beleive.

  smithy12345j 21:56 08 Jun 2012

thanks for the comment my primary use is simulation (Flight simulator X) and ARMA 2i did think an SSD hdd however i currently have fulled over 300gb of files for add on aircraft and scenery so an SSD would be pricey over 300GB ?

  KRONOS the First 00:26 09 Jun 2012

Actually you would not need a large SSD. I have a 128GB SSD for operating system and programs I also have two 1TB hard-drives. One has all the My folders on it, (Music Photos Films and Documents). The other 1TB hard-drive has my rather large Steam games folder,I think I have about 54 games installed.

This means that if I need to reinstall Windows 7 then it is simplicity itself and of course very fast to do. A quick repair of Steam and I am good to go. So a worthwhile upgrade.

  smithy12345j 00:36 09 Jun 2012

I have been looking at corsair I have forgotten the name and I am on my phone, the yellow ssd's they go together with hdds ? Or do all ssd's go alongside hdd's ? If they go alongside... Great I will invest.

If I did go ssd my next upgrade ? Graphics card or processor ? Or water cooling ? Thanks for all your help

  KRONOS the First 07:05 09 Jun 2012

An SSD is a hard-drive so i do not understand your question about SSD's going alongside HDD's.

As for what to upgrade next? I notice that you are using the now discontinued socket 1156 CPU but that is fair enough as you say you have had the PC for a few years. Your CPU is pretty reasonable and compares favorably with the socket 1155 i5 2500K. It would help if you could post your motherboard.

Watercooling is not really going to add anything to your PC in terms of an upgrade.

A graphics card upgrade might be a possibility but what power supply have you and of course most importantly what is your budget?

  smithy12345j 10:36 09 Jun 2012

my motherboard is a gigabyte H55-UD3H PSU is a corsair GS600

and bugdet not really too much over £150

might go and get an ssd drive as now i understand what they are for, thanks

  KRONOS the First 11:34 09 Jun 2012

Hmm £80 or so for a SSD, does not leave much for a decent upgrade.I would see how you go after you have installed and set up your SSD. You will probably need advice on how to move all your MY folders to your bigger drive or else you will quickly fill up a 128GB SSD. That is simple enough though.

  john bunyan 12:08 09 Jun 2012

Sorry to but in with a supplementary question to Chronus, but to reinstall W7 plus other programmes like Photoshop CS5 would take me ages as the updates would take forever (original CD's about 18 months old, pre SP1). Do you somehow make a slipstreamed version with the updates?Forgive the intrusion, smithy.

  KRONOS the First 12:38 09 Jun 2012

I found the way to make re-installation a hell of a lot quicker is by going here: Win 7 with SP1 .iso downloading the version that matches your own, be it Premium,Ultimate or professional, burn to disk and install using your C O A. You will still have a fair bit of updating to do but I find I can have Windows 7 and my programs done in an hour and a half or so.

I also find this useful for install some of the more popular programs many of us use.Ninite.

  john bunyan 12:42 09 Jun 2012


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