Spr 15:02 11 Aug 2006

I am thiking of purchasing a new PC, if I use/install my exisiting Hard Drive will it run alright or will I have to install Windows.
I have been told both, that it will run OK, also I will have to install windows as the Registry/BIOS will not pck up my HD who is right

  DieSse 15:25 11 Aug 2006

Your current copy of Windows will be set up for your current motherboard, graphics card, etc, etc.

It certainly won't "just work" in a new system - at the very least it'll need to redetect all the new hardware and reset itself for it. Very possibly it won't be able to startup at all.

However if you install it as a secondary drive (slave to the drive in the new system, or in an external USB caddy), and your new drive has Windows already set up on it, then you'll be able to get at all your data on the old drive and copy it to the new one.

You need to tell us exactly what you want to do with the drive, and what you re getting in the new system, otherwise all anyone can make is guesses.

  Chris147 15:30 11 Aug 2006

As long as your new PC uses an IDE Hard Drive (assuming that's what you have now, and not SATA) all you need to do is set the new hard drive as a Slave, and your old one as the Master.

Having said that, if all you want to do is access the files on the old drive (and not the programs), just install it as a Slave.

As long as the hard drive jumper (the small, movable connector on the back of the drive) and the IDE cable position match, your BIOS will see it and act accordingly.



  Zion_Lion 15:32 11 Aug 2006

Hi Spr... you may get away with it if your old HDD has WIN98 installed, as it does not install at such a low level like WinXP, although you will need to install all your peripheral drivers as mentioned by DieSse. But either way it a bit of a hit or miss affair.

  DieSse 15:44 11 Aug 2006

Another pint - if you're using an OEM version of WinXP - you're not allowed to transfer it into a new system.

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