yaesu 16:05 14 Apr 2005

Hi folks,
currently have a 5 year old IBM (amd K6 400Mhz, 192Mb ram and 28gig hdd) contemplating change to new case/ps and motherboard package amd semperon 2400 etc from Watford electronics, sensible buy or not please?
No games, just e-mail/net (Broadband)and office duties with some photos.
Thanks, yaesu

  paddy75 16:09 14 Apr 2005

yaesu,you would be better off buying a new computer,you don't say what operating system you have,XP would be included plus Gaurentee.Paddy

  yaesu 16:18 14 Apr 2005

tnx paddy75, yes but for about £160? I have w2000 which works for me, and would initially keep the hd and display.

  paddy75 16:32 14 Apr 2005

Yaesu,you would have to upgrade nearly everything you have there,i don't know what that would cost but have a look here, you can keep your old monitor.Paddy.. click here

  PsiFox 16:34 14 Apr 2005

The RAM in your present system would not transfer to the new bits.

  yaesu 15:25 15 Apr 2005

Tnx folks

  Totally-braindead 16:18 15 Apr 2005

You could also have a look at click here built one a couple of weeks ago and so far the owner is delighted with it, did buy a new hard drive though as the older hard drives are slower and it only cost £40 more, the rest of the stuff came from his old PC, monitor, speakers, mouse and cdrom. He also took the opportunity to get XP home OEM £60 more.

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