Upgradding pc but keeping Windows XP

  norwindian 00:06 12 Aug 2008


My pc and it's components are now over four years old and needs upgrading.

I am thinking of upgrading some vital parts, including harddrive, cpu, motherboard and graphics. However, I am unsure if I will need to buy a new version of xp or can I simply back up my existing harddrive using Acronis and then copy everything to the new harddrive?

  brundle 00:26 12 Aug 2008

If you don't have an install CD it won't work. The setup element of the installation recognises the basic hardware and configures XP for it, just slapping a pre-existing install image over new hardware is a recipe for..well, lots of aggravation if not disaster.

  Zeppelyn 00:27 12 Aug 2008

No that would not work unfortunately as the old motherboard chipset and graphics drivers etc left from the old system would conflict with new motherboard and you would most likely blue screen on start up. Safest would be to back up all your personal stuff with Acronis and transfer after reinstalling XP on new kit.

I have actually got this to work in the past by uninstalling all the chipset and graphics drivers etc. i.e anything that will not be present on new system and then placing the old HDD in new set up. Doesnt always work tho,a repair install of XP is then needed.

  mrwoowoo 00:33 12 Aug 2008

If your xp is the full retail version then you can use the disc to reinstall xp.
If it's an OEM version then technically you will need to buy another xp disc.
You could try phoning Microsoft and explain that your motherboard blew and you had to buy another,and could they issue you with a new serial key.Some people have been lucky trying this,others not.
You can load xp from your old disc,but you won't be able to update it as it will show up as a pirate version.

  norwindian 00:37 12 Aug 2008

Thanks, brundle and Zeppelyn.

Useful info.. I guess nothing is as easy as it seems... I am not entirely sure if and where I have the cd. If my suspicions are right and I can't locate the cd, would I still be able to buy xp somewhere?

  norwindian 00:39 12 Aug 2008

Xp came with the pc when I bought it from Mesh all those years ago, so it's most likely an OEM version?

  Rob_08 00:42 12 Aug 2008

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  norwindian 00:43 12 Aug 2008

Let's say I have the cd, can I then install the hardware and just run the cd? The product key is on a sticker on top of my tower..

  norwindian 00:48 12 Aug 2008

Does anyone know of any easy to understand websites which gives advice on upgrading pc's and it's pitfalls (except for PC Advisor Helproom:)

  Zeppelyn 00:48 12 Aug 2008

As mrwoowoo explained, technically no but you would probably get away with it when you ring Microsoft and explain the your old motherboard failed.

  Zeppelyn 00:53 12 Aug 2008

Well my advice would be to buy a preassembled motherboard/cpu from Novatech.co.uk which is easier than putting all together yourself. But of course building it yourself is more rewarding, there are plenty of website guides, just google "build my own pc."

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