Upgarde from XP Home to PRO

  jhm 13:41 25 Jun 2006

I want to upgrade from XP Home to Pro version for the better security. I don't want to do a complete re-install and then have to install software etc. Can I 'repair' the Home version with Pro version using Repair Console

  €dstowe 13:46 25 Jun 2006

Are you certain you want to do this?

The added security of XP Pro is only really of importance to corporate machines with a lot of data requiring the extra security or for paranoics who think that everything and everyone is trying to steal their information.

I am not suggesting that you are paranoic but there are easier ways of securing anything that genuinely requires it.

To answer your question, though. No, I'm pretty certain you cannot use XP repair to install the upgrade.

  ed-0 13:47 25 Jun 2006

No need.

Just boot to windows home desktop. Insert the pro disk and pick the upgrade option.

All your files and settings will be saved.

But why from home to pro. Do you run a company or have a large network of computers? Better security?

  ed-0 13:49 25 Jun 2006

About the security. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  spuds 14:03 25 Jun 2006

I was given a trial version of XP Pro by Microsoft themselves, so that I could test the product. On expiry date, I returned to XP Home as this covered all my small commercial needs.If you want to go ahead and install the Pro version, then do so, but you may find the extra security can be covered by other and perhaps cheaper means.

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