Upgading win 98 to xp

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Can anyone please give me advice on upgrading my win 98 to xp.I ran the compatability test and a few things did'nt pass.That was just on an upgrade will it be ok to do a full format and re-install? Also im a bit dubious about the programmes i have in 98 will i be able to re install them on xp? Finally im missing a cd to install my fuji camera if i upgrade to xp will i be able to get a set up from fuji.Do you think it nessesary to ditch win 98 and put xp on my comp.Sorry for all the questions in 1 any help on any or all would be really appreciated.

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Fuji have drivers on their website, chec before though.

Windows XP has a Software compatibility mode, so should be no problems. If so, then its time for upgrading your software.

XP is far better than 98, and so is windows 2000.

Make sure though all the hardware is compatible.

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XP requires a better PC to run well than 98 does. If your PC's spec is not too good, XP may cause performance to decrease a lot

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As Gaz25 points out, Windows XP has a compatibility mode, however I have never found it 100% reliable. But when you install Windows XP you have the option of FAT32 (Windows 98) or NTFS file systems.As an owner of two systems running 98se and XP I fully agree that XP is a far superior platform in every way and that any initial 'tweaking' is well worth it in the long run.

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You can use the upgrade method to XP from 98 and it will work fine in nine times out of ten. But as with most things it will be better to do a clean install and start off with a fresh, clean operating system.

You can still use the upgrade version of XP to do this. You set, [From BIOS] your CD drive as the first boot drive then insert the XP CD into your drive.

Choose the full install and XP will format your hard drive for you, then carry on with the install, it will ask you near the beginning to insert your qualifying CD to be checked, then replace the XP CD to continue with the install.

If all your present hardware is compatible, but software drivers are not, then visit the sites of the hardware to see if they have up to date drivers. Download these first and save to disk ready for use later on.

The programs you are doubtful about working in XP, again if you post a list of them to this thread, others will be able to offer advice on whether they will work. Most will if they are no more than a couple of years old, but best to check first.

Can you let us know what didn't pass the XP test, there may be a workaround? As to your final question, the answer is no, it's not necessary to upgrade if you are happy with 98.

It's an excellent O/S and probably better to stay with if upgrading to XP is going to cost extra money in buying hardware that you don't really need to buy.

Please post back to this thread with the items that failed the test, and the programs your not sure of. There are plenty of forum members who will guide you through the best options. j.

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Thanks all djohn hope you got the email i sent still pondering the best thing to do

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Yes thanks, just received now. I don't mind at all in anyone contacting me direct and will always try to reply, but it's better to reply to the thread then others will see and be able to offer help. It also helps others who may have the same problem. I have copied below the information you sent me.

Regards. j.


Helpful Information

Setup has detected that some hardware or programs on your computer might not function correctly after the upgrade is completed. This lack of functionality can have an effect on things you might want to do, such as connecting to the Internet, accessing e-mail, printing, scanning, and playing sounds or music.

It is important that you read and understand this upgrade report before continuing. To resolve some of these issues, you can get more information at Microsoft Windows XP Professional on the Web.

Setup will automatically back up your existing version of Windows. You can restore your computer safely even if these upgrade problems remain. To uninstall Windows XP, go to Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

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But there is enough information here for others to advise. j.


Setup has found hardware on your computer that is incompatible with (that is, it does not work with) Windows XP.

Hardware That Might Need Additional Files
In many cases, if a Windows XP version is not yet available, a Windows 2000 compatible update should work. It is recommended that you obtain these drivers in advance.

You can also view the Microsoft Windows XP Hardware Compatibility List on the Web.

Please note that some of the following entries might be software that is registered as hardware.


Network adapters

AEI USB To Fast Ethernet Adapter

Printer Canon i550

Printers Canon i550 (Copy 2)



Software That Does Not Support Windows XP
Setup has found programs on your computer that are incompatible with Windows XP.

Contact your software vendors to obtain updates or Windows XP-compatible versions. If you don't update these programs before you upgrade, the programs will not work after the upgrade is completed.

MPEG Layer-3 Configuration (in Control Panel)

Norton Disk Doctor
This program may have compatibility issues on this version of Windows.

Norton Image Disk
This program may have compatibility issues on this version of Windows.

Norton Registry Tracker
This program may have compatibility issues on this version of Windows.

Speed Disk
This program may have compatibility issues on this version of Windows.

Settings That Will Not Be Upgraded
Some of your settings will not be upgraded, because they aren't applicable in Windows XP.

Network Connection Protocol

Support for the NETBEUI protocol is not available in Windows XP. For networks using NETBEUI, install TCP/IP on all machines or devices to maintain network connectivity.

Setup cannot determine if the following programs are compatible with Windows XP. Setup will disable them during the upgrade to eliminate the risk of problems. Contact the software vendor to obtain an upgrade pack.

Home Page (a startup program)

Notes About Your Other Software
This section describes issues that might affect other software you use. Be sure to read this section before you begin the upgrade to Windows XP.

Microsoft Outlook 2000

After Windows XP Setup is complete, you have to reinstall Microsoft Outlook 2000. To do this, start Outlook. If Outlook 2000 is part of your Startup folder, reinstallation will automatically begin the first time you log on to Windows XP.

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Thanks djohn sorry new to this

  [DELETED] 13:45 27 Dec 2003

Thanks djohn sorry new to this

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Refresh. can anyone advise on this please. j.

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