Updating pc from Windows 98SE to Windows XP

  Pip58 22:08 10 May 2005

Hi Everyone!
A little advice would be appreciated please. I have a pc about 5yrs old running Windows 98se and would like to update to Windows XP - not able to afford a new pc at the moment, so what is the best, cheapest and safest way to upgrade and how? Please don't be too technical with any replies as not very computer oriented! Thanks all in anticipation. Phill

  Jak_1 22:16 10 May 2005

A couple of questions first. What Chip in the pc ie pentiom 3/4, AMD Athlon etc. How much memory (RAM) and what size hard drive.

The cheapest way would be to get an xp upgrade disk. That way you will not lose all your valuble data nor need to re-install any proggies.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:18 10 May 2005

Usually min specs for XP is 333MHz, 128MB Ram, 2GB partition

but it will run very slow.

What spec is your PC and what progs do you want to run?

It is often better to leave 98 on an older PC.

  DJ Supreme 23:09 10 May 2005

Would not upgrading to Windows 2000 be sufficient?

Depending on what you need it for, arnt you just getting a pretty interface in XP?

  Pip58 23:17 10 May 2005

Hi - Pentium 3 650HP MICRO 1.4 20GB 128MBSD1 56K MODEM - does this all make sense? Cheers.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:27 10 May 2005

Will work with those specs but would suggest another 128MB ram at least.

or leave 98, otherwise in you will be disappointed with a slow PC if you upgrade to XP

  Buchan 35 23:28 10 May 2005

I`d add another 128 MHz RAM or you will go slow

  Pip58 23:49 10 May 2005

Cheers all - thanks for all the advice.
DJ Supreme - think maybe will take up your suggestion. What's the besy way - just buy a 2000 upgrade?

  dan11 00:24 11 May 2005

Wow. A Microsoft upgrade to windows 2000 is going to cost £176.72 click here

An upgrade to XP is going to cost as little as £56.99 click here

You could add an extra 1000Mb ( 1 gig ) of memory, if the board supports this and a 80 gig hard drive for the difference. this would run XP extreemly well.

The only stipulation on the oem XP disk is you buy some hard ware with it. A mouse or extra ram would qualify for the oem disk.

  DJ Supreme 08:53 11 May 2005

Have you looked at stores like PC World, Staples etc, they might do upgrade disks, not sure on prices though mate.

  Pip58 13:19 14 May 2005

Thanks to everyone who gave their advice, very much appreciated. Pip

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