Updating Norton Systemworks 2003

  heidelberg 14:59 13 Oct 2004

I use Norton Systemworks 2003 and recently the automatic live update has stopped working. I have to download the updates manually. I decided to investigate further, and the Symantec Automated Support Assistant has just come up with the following message:

"You have an unsupported version of Norton SystemWorks.
Norton SystemWorks 2003 is no longer supported. As a result you will not be able to contact Symantec representative if you have technical issues with your software. Please upgrade to the latest version."

I was under the impression that if I update regularly, which I do - at least weekly - then I would have the "latest version" which I assumed would be "supported" I have also paid the subscription when the "first year free" ran out.

Am I missing the point somewhere - or is the Symantec expectation that users buy the new version every year. If so why pay for the next years subscription?

Any help, as usual, gratefully accepted.

Many thanks


  Giggle n' Bits 15:08 13 Oct 2004

the only other reason I can think of is Service Pack 2 if your running windows XP.

  Giggle n' Bits 15:10 13 Oct 2004

not a lot of people know this but you have to go into the menu where help is and drop down a menu which will list registered versions of the software. Should one not be reged this will kick you out.

  heidelberg 15:29 13 Oct 2004

Have not yet upgraded to SP 2 yet, Systemworks, and Norton Personal Firewall for that matter, are registered.

Any other suggestions


  david.h 15:47 13 Oct 2004

I have systemworks 2003 2 weeks togo before subscription runs out. At present I have it set to automatic live update it runs ok recent update put an icon in control panel so you can control udates have you checked its set ok.

norton support only lasts a max of 2 years from the first release of a new version, so support would have ended on 1/10/2004 when 2005 was released, but live updates should continue to the end of the subscription. Ihave found Amazon offers the cheapest upgrade and was suprised but Novatech most expensive when p&p included,pcworld and staples were mid priced.

  CHAIRLEG 16:34 13 Oct 2004

Don,t know if this will help i had this problem when i changed from dial up to bb no auto live updates.double click norton live update in control panel and on the window that comes up click isp.I got an error message saying to set up a new connection.Norton system works 2003.

  david.h 18:42 13 Oct 2004

try uninstall, remove all regisrty entries for norton and symantec, re install and re register. this may help you get the live updates again

  heidelberg 21:16 13 Oct 2004

Thanks for all help

david.h - it looks like I'll have to purchase new version. Is this perhaps another version of the software providers rip-off?


  Furthark 22:04 13 Oct 2004

Do what David.h suggested & you won't have to purchase a new version! the new one will run from day one again but don't tell anyone else.;-)

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