updating my cpu

  Eddd 19:00 29 Dec 2009

I want to update my amd cpu (Athlon 64 3500+ 2.2ghz) My M.B. is a winfast 6100 M2MA (rev A2, FAB 2.0) and has an AM2 socket. Will a cpu that is AM2+ or AM3 work in this socket as there seems to be some conflicting advice on the web sites I've looked at, or do I need to upgrade my M.B?

  GaT7 19:15 29 Dec 2009

There are 4 similar motherboards listed at Foxconn click here - which one is it exactly?

If you click on each of the links there, then on Compatibility (in the left column) & 'CPU for.....' you'll get a list of compatible CPUs. E.g. clicking on 'CPU for 6100M2MA-RS2' at click here brings up this list click here. G

  ton 20:40 29 Dec 2009

No point upgrading CPU, you probably wouldn't notice any difference. If you want to upgrade then change motherboard as well.

  GaT7 20:48 29 Dec 2009

ton, the 3500+ is a single-core CPU. Upgrading to a dual-core will make a difference.

Eddd, will be helpful if you could let us know the rest of your spec, & why you want to upgrade. G

  Eddd 10:42 30 Dec 2009

Thanks for the info , I have found a dual core athlon 64 x2 6000+ which is 3ghz, and AM2. I have a home built system that has a 650w psu, 3gb ram, a 1gb pci-e graphics card and 2 sata hd's and 1 dvd rom and 1 dvd rw drive, and the MB and cpu 3500+
I wanted to upgrade my cpu as that seemed to be the only thing holding my system back, as I recently upgraded my graphics and os. I also have it running windows 7.
Will upgrade MB next time with another cpu but not for a year or so.

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