Updating my anti virus program?

  misters 19:49 07 Oct 2003

Hi i recieved a message telling me that a new update of my av software was available on the net, when i started to download the update i recieved an error messag stating "the packacke is broken".

I am using avast av and win/98se.
Anyone know what the problem is why i'm getting this message as everything was ok before?
Thanx in advance

  BarryKeith 19:54 07 Oct 2003

Try leaving it for an hour or two before retrying, they may well have sorted the problem by then.

  Belatucadrus 20:19 07 Oct 2003

I've set mine to update both virus database and program automatically, no problems so far (Touch Wood)

  misters 20:46 07 Oct 2003

I'll give it a try.

  misters 21:42 07 Oct 2003

just to report back, left it for a couple of hours and still getting same error message.

How would i set it to update automatically?

  Jester2K II 21:44 07 Oct 2003

What AV?

  misters 21:47 07 Oct 2003


  Cyclone 21:49 07 Oct 2003

I received a similar message regarding my Norton antivirus program supposedly from Symantec but I have deleted after sending it to Symantec. My antivirus is kept up-to-date via live update and Symantec would never send out an update by email.

  Belatucadrus 23:43 07 Oct 2003

This is irritating, I'm trying to answer the question on how to automate the update and every time I post the response I get a failure message.

  Belatucadrus 23:45 07 Oct 2003

This is insane, I'll post it as a new subject.

  powerless 23:45 07 Oct 2003

C & P.

Break it up.

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