Updating Hardware Information Database

  Cumano 18:05 25 Aug 2003

I have tried to install two Plug & Play devices to my computer, but when the UHID dialogue window opens I have waited over halfhour for a response to show in the progress bar. I have gone into Task Manager and found that UHID is not responding. I have also tried to get Driver Updates via Device Manager and the same thing happens. I have contacted Microsoft Support and after almost two hours help all I have achieved is an apology that they cannot help me. My computer details are, Pentium III 550Mhz, 128Mb RAM,Windows ME OS, 16Gb HDD. Can anyone help.

  Cumano 10:52 28 Aug 2003

The hardware that I have tried to install do not have any discs. Thank for your response, Cumano.

  Cumano 11:07 28 Aug 2003

I have followed your advice and used the link you provided. Hopefully by following the instructions from Microsoft Knowledge Base I can get rid of the 32,000+ oem*.inf files from my computer. Thank you for your response to my request for help. Cumano

  Cumano 12:57 12 Sep 2003

Your help was successful, Thank you.

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