Updating drivers, is it necessary?

  Muergo 19:44 07 Jul 2012

Pulling up a previous question placed last year, there was some disagreement about updating of drivers. DriverMax tells me I have 14 out of date,should I care?

The other program, Driver Manager led me along a path which I thought was free, only to be presented with a $25 bill for registering and no free option. That is now uninstalled. The general previous opinion was that updating of drivers was best from manufacturers sites but they don't always make it clear as to how to go about it.

  Woolwell 19:48 07 Jul 2012

Is your system working OK? If it is then don't update.

  rdave13 19:51 07 Jul 2012

As a general rule only update drivers if you are having problems. Updating drivers can create problems with such programs as the above. Regardless if you create a system restore before running these drivers update programs, you could end up with a BOD and find you cannot get to safe mode.

  rdave13 19:52 07 Jul 2012

BSOD I meant.

  Nontek 19:55 07 Jul 2012

I agree totally with Woolwell - don't do it, not unless you have a problem with a particular drive.

  iscanut 20:45 07 Jul 2012

Don't bother if you have no problems or issues with your system.

  Muergo 00:19 08 Jul 2012

How does one know if your system is working to its best?

You could be blissfully running along with what you have got used to and then, only when an improvement or upgrade is installed do you then find a substantial difference.

I have done this with my smartphone and suddenly my battery lasts three times as long, I now have many other features which were hidden, latently waiting for me to download.

My PC has been running fine for eighteen months now since new but it might have deteriorated slowly over time.

There must be a reliable trustworthy update site in addition to Windows itself. Am I searching for a holy grail that doesn't exist?

  rdave13 00:31 08 Jul 2012

You are searching for a Holy Grail that never existed I'm afraid. You can't compare a PC to a Smart-phone.

Now if you want to over-clock your PC, that is a different kettle of fish and you would need to join a forum dedicated to over-clocking. Not easy by all means.

  mimosa418 09:13 08 Jul 2012

I have tried a few of these driver search programmes over the years and it always ends in grief, particularly if mother board drivers are changed.. Leave things alone unless there is a problem

  sunnystaines 09:47 08 Jul 2012


i would ditch driver update software a risk of wrong driver versions downloaded causing problems.

i would create a folder in your favourites/bookmarks and put in links to the makers web site of your motherboard,printer,graphics,sound,scanner,etc then check them on a regular basis.

also save each downloaded driver in a folder so they are handy if needed to be reinstalled at a later date for any reason.

i always get the latest driver [backup before instal to be safe]

  iscanut 09:52 08 Jul 2012

14 Drivers ? BIOS, leave well alone, graphics card should be updated if required from the manufacturers site, use Windows update for day to day stuff, update your anti virus, malware and firewall software as necessary, printers, CD/DVD drivers are usually not required to be updated, router is best left alone..what else is there to worry about ? As others have said many times over the years, do not bother with such programs. Keep your hard disc defragmented now and again and use a program such as CCleaner to tidy up excess unwanted files etc and all should be fine.

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