Updating Compaq Presario laptop?

  bart warstein 17:39 09 Apr 2006

My Presario 1690 (Win98) came with "Compaq Service Connection" installed. It supposedly uses "BackWeb" to advise and download updates automatically for existing drivers and software. But Compaq customer support say this facility has now been disabled/discontinued, and advise finding and downloading updates directly from the HP website, where there is a list. I've tried. But several updates (Softpaqs) won't install because they can't find a specific file ("...\qria.exe") on my hard drive. Does anyone know what this - missing - file is and how I might reinstall it?

  Forum Editor 18:03 09 Apr 2006

one of the Compaq support tools, and you'll need to find it if you want to install the softpaqs.

The file will be on the Compaq restore CD that came with the computer, do you have that?

  bart warstein 18:43 09 Apr 2006

Thanks... I'd got that far (qria apparently stands for Quick Restore Initialisation...). Problem is, I've searched my Compaq Restore CD and it ain't there either! Closest I could get using the "contained in" search was that two .zip files on the Restore CD, Win98b and Win98c, apparently had files somewhere within them which contained the phrase "qria". So I unzipped each and looked; but neither had an actual file called "qria" or "qria.exe". I'm a bit stumped as to where and how to look next!

  Legolas 19:23 09 Apr 2006

bart warstein click here
this is the only one I can find that matches your description although I doubt it is what you are looking for

  bart warstein 21:47 09 Apr 2006

legolas - thanks for the tip. I had a look at the HP site you linked (I had searched various HP/Compaq sites earlier without success). Looks to me as if what you found is another HP Softpaq download which requires the "qria" file to be already present on the hard drive: the description actually says so! So the mystery of how to find or reinstall "qria" itself remains. It would be nice if Compaq/HP themselves could advise, but their customer service seems - even to an amateur like me - pretty feeble (the answer to most queries is 'reinstall the OS!'). So I'm hoping someone out there has a better solution...

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