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Updating cells from sheet 1 to sheet 2

  Harold 15:01 28 Feb 2020

Updating cell A10 in sheet one. I want to automatically update cell E22 in sheet2 with updated value in A10. Can someone please help me.


  compumac 16:32 28 Feb 2020

In Cell E22 in sheet 2, copy =Sheet1!A10

  compumac 16:33 28 Feb 2020


In Cell E22 in sheet 2, =sheet1!A10

  qwbos 00:31 29 Feb 2020

In cell A10 in sheet 1, right click and copy. Go to sheet 2, cell E22, right click and paste link (the one at the right end of paste with the chain symbol). The value in cell E22 will be the value in cell A10, and the formula =Sheet1$A$10 will be in the formula bar.

Easiest way to do it without having to bother with formula syntax.

  wee eddie 08:38 29 Feb 2020

From deep in my memory banks qwbos's solution looks right. The $ Sign, either side of the Destination, rings a bell

  Harold 09:59 29 Feb 2020

Thanks qwbos. Works a treat. It will save me a great deal of time as I have about 40 iterations across two additional sheets every time I update my spreadsheet.


  qwbos 11:37 29 Feb 2020

wee eddie

From deep in my memory banks

Memory? What's that? ;o)>

That's the joy of copy, paste for linking in Excel. You don't need to remember anything other than copy paste. Refresher on Excel references for you.


Glad to help. Simple solutions are always the best

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