Updating CD/DVD ROM firmware

  CurlyWhirly 22:01 05 May 2005

I have just noticed a reference where a person needs to update his DVD-RW firmware to a more recent version in order to be able to burn a specific type of disk.
I think I am right in thinking that the firmware is burned into the device itself, in this case a DVD writer?

Anyway assuming I am right, if you were to download a firmware update in the form of a zip file, when you extract it how would the data know where to go?
In other words when you normally extract a zip file you are given the option of installing it to a specific part of your hard drive like your download folder for example.
Just out of curiosity, would the firmware data know that it has to go on the DVD-RW EPROM chip?

I assume it's an EPROM chip?
I have never had the need to do this myself but I am intrigued by the method of how it is actually achieved!
Anyone out there who has ever updated their firmware and if so is it an easy thing to do or do you have to be technically minded?
I appreciate your help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:12 05 May 2005

You will need to download not just the firmware update but also a small program to run it.

The update run program is usually also on the manufacturers site.

I did this for My BTC DVD burner in my old computer.

Rember the old adage."IF IT AINT BROKE DONT TRY AND FIX IT".

A failed firware uodate can render the equipment useless.

  Chegs ® 22:14 05 May 2005

Most of the firmware upgrades come with a specific device flashing tool(Upgrade program........ UPG5A.EXE)that requires nothing more than clicking,it locates the device and upgrades it if possible(if its wrong file,often the upgrade app stops before harms done)I have also found that using the upgrade tool from Pioneer,I couldn't return to older firmware.I d/l'ed another tool from another site,this allowed me to upgrade and if I had troubles,downgrade to the previous firmware(I had 1.05.BIN/1.06.BIN/1.07.BIN firmwares,and also RPC1,RPC2 region unlocking firmwares)

  CurlyWhirly 22:23 05 May 2005

I understand now that it isn't JUST the firmware update that you need to download but also the program that runs the actual firmware update itself.
It seems that it ISN'T a particularly difficult thing to do as long as you make sure that you run the right update!

By the way I have NO need to update the firmware on either my CD or DVD writer, but I was just curious having seen reference to it in an online article!
Thanks for replying by the way. ;0)

  Chegs ® 01:27 06 May 2005

Somewhere,I was reading another thread and the chap was being advised to update his "Firmware" to allow the drive to recognise more brands of blank media.Thats why I went and collected every firmware I could find for my Pioneer DVD-RW.With my drive,regardless of which firmware file I used,it refused to recognise a Ritek G05 dye,despite assurances from a "media compatability" listing that my drive would be most chuffed with this particular dye.I went and bought a new DVD-RW (LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1673S) then bunged the A106 into my linux PC,where it started working (with the Riteks) as well as it ever has. :-(

  CurlyWhirly 01:48 06 May 2005

[QUOTE]Somewhere,I was reading another thread and the chap was being advised to update his "Firmware" to allow the drive to recognise more brands of blank media.[/QUOTE]

That's the EXACT type of post that I saw which made me curious enough to ask the question in the first place!
What a coincidence! LOL

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