Updating Bios in raw system

  Deathwatch 17:03 04 Jun 2005

I have a new MSI PT880 Neo Fsr mobo. BUT I have been trying to get XP home to load for 2 weeks now. The install keeps falling over - never got to the end yet. The comments on MSI site indoctae the the this is a common problem with the bios version I have! SO - could anyone tell me how I can upgrade the bios on the mobo when I don't have an OS. The MSI guide stresses that I should not flash from a floppy. But where elses is there to flash from? The sata HD is not accessible?


  Eric10 19:55 04 Jun 2005

I've just downloaded the Bios zip file for your motherboard to have a look. The included document "How to flash the BIOS.doc" is indeed confusing as it starts by saying DON'T FLASH FROM A FLOPPY DISK!!!! and then goes on to tell you how to make a boot floppy. What's that all about?

From looking at the document and seeing that you have a SATA drive I think that the safest method for you will be the last one "Flashing the BIOS for Non-FAT file system" where you boot from a Windows 98 boot disk and copy the flash utility "ADSFI713.exe" and the bios file "A7043VMS.200" to the RAM drive created by the boot disk. If you don't have a Win98 Boot disk you can download a suitable one from click here choose the Windows 98 SE OEM version as this one creates the necessary RAM disk.

  Deathwatch 08:25 05 Jun 2005

A million thanks ERIC - got it sussed - and it was much easier than I could have imagined. I would never have thought that RAM could be used as a drive!!

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