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updating bios with ezfi not going properly

  frostbite4 09:10 11 May 2017

hi when I update my asus mb it says it is completed and system will be reset when it goes for reset it resets and before reaching asus logo it resets again until three reset then in the third reset it shows American megatrends and says press f1 for uefi menu when igo there I select discard changes and rest and system restars normally and goes in windows without problem. is this normal? I mean is all bios updates like this or system must boot after the first rest which happesn after completing bios installation? and idont have a ssd and system boots properly from my hdd and resets are like this:system seems to be shuting down and then turning on which it is like a shut down and automaticly turning on not like a normal restart. these restart which I say it is not normal it happens exactly in windows too. if this is bios iknow that I have problem only in restarts and everythings works fine but only the restart now how can I install the bios without ezfi or dos or... imean I want a type of bios update or clean install which doesn't needs a restart in it like doing it with hardware also my mb is b75m-a which there is no bios chip

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