Updating BIOS

  Thatslife 11:57 27 Dec 2005

Been advised to update my computer's BIOS. Downloaded the file from the manufacturer's website but I don't know what to do next.

It's a .BIN file which I believe is Binary Data File (although I don't know what this is!)

I take it I need to put it somewhere......?????

Can anyone help?

  VoG II 12:00 27 Dec 2005

With respect, if you don't know what you are doing flashing the BIOS is a good way of rendering your PC unusable.

Why do you think that you need to do this?

  DieSse 12:04 27 Dec 2005

As VoG™ says - it's avery risky business - more so if you're unsure what you're doing.

So - who/where advised this?

Why was it advised?

Did you read the manufacturers blurb on what fixes the BIOS has and whether this includes your problem?

Manufacturers sites always include *how-to's* and warnings about BIOS updates - did you raed them and print them out for reference.

  Thatslife 12:04 27 Dec 2005

The chap from PNY asked me to do it. I posted problems with my new graphics carsd last week which seem to have been part solved but installing a patch for a game, updating the AGP BIOS, I'm getting a stuttering effect when watching DVDs and playing games (not all the time).

I was told to make sure everything was updated, drivers etc which they are so next it was the BIOS....

VOG, I've been told by a friend I shouldn't really touch it, but I don't know what to do next?

  SG Atlantis® 12:06 27 Dec 2005

you could start by telling us the spec of your computer. What graphics card is it and which game are you having difficulty with?

  Thatslife 14:32 27 Dec 2005

All of them really - Chronicles of Riddick, Fire Warrior, KOTR2.

The card is a GeForce 6 6600LE 256MB.

Comp is AMD64 3400, 1GB RAM Win XP home SP2.

  Stuartli 17:44 27 Dec 2005

What make and model is the motherboard?

  citadel 18:03 27 Dec 2005

The 6600le is a poor card. As you have a good spec pc a 6600gt, 6800, or 6600gt would give a massive boost to games, plus you could play them in high detail settings.

  SG Atlantis® 18:28 27 Dec 2005

citadel I am running a 256mb 6200 which runs games absolutely fine, just a bit slow on high detail but pretty darn good on medium setting.

Although I have a amd64 3700 and 2gig of ram.

Have you tried rolling back the graphics drivers to older ones? sometimes that works.

  Stuartli 19:32 27 Dec 2005

I repeat. What is the make and model of the motherboard?

You are asking about updating the Bios.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:42 27 Dec 2005

I think he has been advised By PNY to update the video card BIOS

In which case they shuld have the apropriate flash program on thier site.

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