Updating Bios and !!!

  spuds 13:22 03 Jul 2005

Having quite a bit of computer troubles with error messages, blue screen's and such like.

Error messages are suggesting doing a CHKDSK/F or Bios update or component drivers update.Check the drivers and they seem okay and of latest versions, so that leaves the Bios or CHKDSK/F.

Now hold my hand gently, and let's walk very steadily. How do I complete the above suggestions/tasks.

Perhaps this query should go into the new Absolute Beginners forum, as I am not thinking very straight this week!.

  alltime 13:34 03 Jul 2005

Most manufactures dont recommend updating the bios unless the computer wont run correctly, Which presumably it has in the past.
You could try running chkdisk

click here

  spuds 14:01 03 Jul 2005

Thanks for that, will try as instructed, and see if that solves the problem.

  961 15:15 03 Jul 2005

Have you installed anything new lately, hardware or software?

Do you have virus checker/firewall/anti trojan software up to date?

What o/s are you using? Have you system restore to roll back to before trouble started?

If the computer is not working well and is subject to blue screen etc it is unwise to try to update the BIOS as a glitch in the middle of it could cause computer death

Post some of the error messages

  spuds 17:07 03 Jul 2005

[2] Yes-All up to date and fully working
[3]XP Home. Tried restore roll back. Problems were still evident.
[5] Error messages seem to vary, from remove hardware/software, chkdsk/f, update drivers-bios.

Did 'alltime' suggestion,and so far within last three hours, computer seems stable. [fingers crossed].

  Totally-braindead 18:41 03 Jul 2005

spuds I hope you're problem is solved and I too don't recommend a BIOS update as if it goes wrong you can end up having to shell out for a new motherboard as if it fails the computer may then be unusable. If the PC was initially working ok and only started doing this recently and you haven't installed new hardware then I would suggest its software related and in the worse case scenario ( that is if you can't find whats causing it and it keeps doing it ) a reformat and clean install would be the answer.

  Kate B 19:10 03 Jul 2005

I'm with Totally-braindead: pull your data off the PC and do a reformat and clean reinstall, which is the semi-nuclear option. Flashing the bios is definitely going nuclear, and only to be recommended for the very confident AND very desperate - and furthermore, the confident, desperate person who has backed up all their data and had deep pockets in case they fry their computer.

  961 19:18 03 Jul 2005

I'm just trying to get my head round a confident desperate person with deep pockets!

Sounds like Jeremy Clarkson and his new American type Ford.

However, your reasoning about why not to flash the BIOS is right on the button

  spuds 21:59 03 Jul 2005

Did the CHKDSK and 'Automatically fix file system errors', and so far everything seems to be running okay.

One thing that I cannot understand, when I had a blue screen with error message, it told me to disable and uninstall any anti-virus or firewall programmes that I had on the computer?.

I'll see what happens tomorrow, and a big thank you to everyone for your help,advice and suggestions.

  Dae 22:07 03 Jul 2005

Perhaps updating a BIOS is simpler than it used to be.

I recently updated the BIOS on an Intel board. All I had to do was download a .exe file, and then double-click on it. Job done.

Intel add that in the unlikely event that a flash update is interupted, leaving the BIOS in an unstable state, recovery is simply removing a jumper on the motherboard and then booting with a floppy disk in place that contains a recovery file you download.

  De Marcus 22:20 03 Jul 2005

Updating a bios isn't as precarious as it used to be, I update mine everytime a new one has been released (3 so far) to keep my board up to date, most manufacturers give a simple recovery option such as Dae has suggested in the unlikely event things go wrong. The thing with bios updates is they have to be followed to the letter, do that and you'll have no problems. These days most bios updates can be done with windows booted and by simply clicking on an executable file and letting it do its job. The ones which need the files copied to a floppy and loaded whilst in dos are more admitidly slightly more complicated, but again, follow the instructions and you'll be fine. On another point, I've never bothered backing up my files (probably foolish) as i can't see how a bad flash would render them useless (possibly wrong) as the hard drive isn't involved in a floppy disk update (as mine are).

Still I'd have to agree with most others here, a bios update to solve a problem is a 'nuclear' solution. Most bios updates simply make the board compatible with new hardware (cpu's etc) and fix the odd bug, which if isn't your problem, then there's no point.

I update simply because I can (read absolute nerd) and the more manufacturers that start to use .exe updates the better.

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