Updating Advanced System Care

  Woodlane 14:22 15 Mar 2010

I have Advanced System Care (Free) on my computer and have used it a number of times. I keep being told that I can download an update for it. I do so and get a message saying thank you for doing so but next time I start up my computer back comes the same message. I have gone through the process a number of times and have now given up. Why does the download not work when it appears to have gone properly and I am told it has as well?

  rawprawn 15:28 15 Mar 2010

Try turning your firewall OFF before you update.

  sunnystaines 16:40 15 Mar 2010

have you got the latest build ver 3.5.0.

as you problem was a bug about a year ago.

if you have the latest version, delete and instal a fresh download

  Woodlane 17:14 15 Mar 2010

I have version 3.4.1 which will be why I keep being asked to update it. I think that uninstalling and reinstalling may be the way forward as suggested.

  sunnystaines 21:16 15 Mar 2010

let us know if that solves the problem

  Woodlane 21:29 15 Mar 2010

I uninstalled and then reinstalled the latest version (or at least it was supposed to be) but it turned out to be the same version that I had before and subsequent efforts to down load the latest version as invited have failed as before. I don't think it is worth pursuing the matter further as I have other systems in place which perform similar functions.

  Input Overload 22:54 15 Mar 2010

Try it from here click here

  Woodlane 09:14 16 Mar 2010

Thank you for the suggestion but that is where I have been many times and when I do it I am thanked for downloading the update. But then is hasn't happened after all.

  sunnystaines 13:29 16 Mar 2010

goto windows explorer and delete the iobit folder before download and reinstall, the install may be picking up old settings.

  Woodlane 14:39 16 Mar 2010

Thanks again. I seem to have spent so much time on this relatively unimportant issue that I won't have another try just now but will in a few days. The version I have seems to be OK so the update, if and when I manage to capture it, had better be worth it!

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