Sconny 03:29 21 Oct 2009

I have a ACPIx86, what would be a good upgrade from that.......

  ambra4 05:37 21 Oct 2009

“I have a ACPIx86”

What is a ACPIx86?

A Computer, Display Card, Motherboard etc it would help if you give more information as we are searching in the dark

  Sconny 20:56 23 Oct 2009

Adding my update.
Processor..........Intel(R)D CPU 3.00ghz
32 bit OS
ACPIx86 based PC.

I'm wondering if a new Motherboard might help, as saving some photos at times can be a bit slow. I have just upgraded my ram it didn't help.

  Quiet Life 21:53 23 Oct 2009

ACPIX86 is just the type of computer. Download the free siw at click here it will give full details of mobo.
Your mobo might be OK.

  woodchip 22:01 23 Oct 2009

ACPIx86 nothing to do with the type of computer it Power Management ACPIx86

  woodchip 22:03 23 Oct 2009

you can Update ASPI

  Quiet Life 13:01 24 Oct 2009

In the context of Sconny's request I would disagree that ACPIX86 is not a type of PC.
It seemed irrelevant to go into detail on this point.

x86 is a computer system that is based on Intel's x86 family of CPUs,
ACPI or Advanced Configuration and Power Interface, is a specification that defines recognition for hardware, motherboards and other devices.
Hence "type"
I caanot see that "you can Update ASPI" has any significance to Sconny's posting.

  woodchip 15:44 24 Oct 2009

I caanot see that "you can Update ASPI" has any significance to Sconny's posting.
me neither. But it can be done, she asked can she update it

  Quiet Life 19:37 24 Oct 2009

You PC must be about three years old. I have the same processor and it is still pretty fast.
If you had 1gb of ram and running XP then extra memory is hardly noticeable. I rather doubt if the mobo is the problem. It is more likely software related. Programs running in the background, register neding cleaned out and other clearing up needed.

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