updates, turning them back on again.

  bumpkin 20:33 12 Feb 2017

I turned off updates for W10 a while back as I was not keen on the Aniversary edition. I now want to give it a try on one of my spare W10 drives but I can't remember how I turned it off.

  Archonar 20:47 12 Feb 2017

This should do the trick: click here

If this isn't how you turned them off then things may get a bit more tricky

  Archonar 20:50 12 Feb 2017

Apologies, that isn't very useful that is up to 8.1 only

Here is the windows 10 method: click here

  csqwared 20:54 12 Feb 2017

Didn't think you could turn the updates off in Win10. However, this might help.

Updates Off

Good Luck

  csqwared 20:54 12 Feb 2017

Must improve my typing speeds!!

  Archonar 21:16 12 Feb 2017

Well twice the advice is better than none!

  bumpkin 23:42 12 Feb 2017

Didn't think you could turn the updates off in Win10

I have, that is my problem in that I cant turn it back on. I know it was not a straightforward thing.

  Govan1x 06:40 13 Feb 2017

Services. Scroll down to Windows updates and set it to automatic and turn run on.

  bumpkin 14:52 13 Feb 2017

Thanks for the suggestions but no luck with them. I just wish I could remember how I turned it off, something in processes I think or maybe even the registry.

  Archonar 15:21 13 Feb 2017

Could any of these methods have been the one?

click here

  [DELETED] 16:23 13 Feb 2017

Check these services, Cryptographic Services - on auto and running. Background Intelligent Transfer Service - set to automatic (delayed start) and running. Windows Event Log service - automatic and running. Windows Update on manual (mine is stopped at the moment) and in the services list will show Manual (Trigger start).

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