Updates for MS Anti Spyware

  mermaid25 16:40 17 May 2005

After having problems with spyware (another thread, very long...but resolved)I had installed M S Anti Spy, I already had spy bot , Adaware, A2 spywareblaster,and norton internet security.

Have been checking for udates and have got all of the above updated, except MS Anti Spy....The auto updater says it is active , but I have not had any updates since it was installed on 29th April. when I try to check manually for updates it says it cannot connect to the internet... even when I am connected.

Are there any updates, does anyone know?

  J B 17:16 17 May 2005

Latest updates posted 13 may are 5717. Hope this helps. J.B.

  mermaid25 17:31 17 May 2005

thanks for for that, I have 5687.

do you know if there is any reason that it says it cant connect?

  Taw® 19:04 17 May 2005

On a similar note, when I set the auto updater to active when It reverts to inactive when I close it to my takbar, so i have to manually update, as it is a beta version I just took it as being a bug.

  Michendi 19:14 17 May 2005

To eliminate the possibility of an incorrect setting do the following: -

1. Open MS Anti Spyware
2. Click Help
3. Click About
4. Click Diagnostics
5. Go through the list and check that everything is setup correctly. There are numerous items that refer to the updating process.

  rsturbo 20:29 17 May 2005

can somebody point me to the manual updates page - cannot autoupdate as i have a connection problem. (i'm new to this program - i take it i can manually update??)

thanks for any help

  big bloke66 21:53 17 May 2005

Have you set your firewall to allow access for microsoft antispyware updater on the internet applications list.I had the same problem as you but i run mcafee internet security suite 6.0, So it not be the same.just a thought good luck. paul.

  big bloke66 22:03 17 May 2005

top left of window, click on file and it will say check for updates. well mine does anyway!

hope this helps.

  big bloke66 22:19 17 May 2005

oops i should of also said click on check for updates.Sorry if im stating the obvious.

  mermaid25 09:14 18 May 2005

Thanks for that info, I looked at the firewall settings and there was an item for MS Anti spy that was blocked....
unblocked it and now have updates.

thanks again

  phil.smith 09:59 18 May 2005

Is it possible to copy updates onto say a flash drive to install on another computer?

Updates take some time on dial up but I have broadband at work which I could use



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