updates causing gpu cpu problems?

  jonbtr11 19:14 02 Feb 2009

ive just spent the day trying to fig out why my games become very jerky and slow after usually 10 mins of play, its started doing it for the past few days after an "important" windows update. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and .NET Framework 3.5 Family Update (KB951847) x86
ive tried driver rollbacks, uninstall avg and updates and system restore. nothing seems to be working.
ive never had any probs b4.
ive tried looking for problems in device manager but everything seems fine.
it seems to be an intermittent problem that is affecting the speed of the graphics. the windows vista aero graphics are also slow and jittery after i exit games that are affected by the problem.
when looking at the resource manager as the problem occurs my cpu usage goes from a constant 30% to 60%, its like something is coming on in the background.
i have an asus g2s b1, 3gb ram 2.4 gh core 2 duo centrino pro
vista sp 1 with up to date updates.
help please
Operating System: Windows Vista

  birdface 19:38 02 Feb 2009

In Task manager.processes.Under CPU System Idle process should be showing about 97% if nothing running.Is anything else using up the CPU.

  jonbtr11 21:07 02 Feb 2009

thx for the reply. t says processes 91 cpu ussage about 5% and physical memory 46% at idle.
the problem occurs for instance if im playing a game, for 1o mins its fine then the cpu ussage goes from 30% to 60% and the frame rate of the game slows. when i exit the game back to windows it still runs slow for 5 mins then gets better. my computer just seems very buggy after this install.

  jonbtr11 11:06 03 Feb 2009

ive been watching the resource manager and as the problem happens the usage of the game.ext increases double to nearly 50% when it usually runs at 25%. no other processes seem to be draining the cpu. it happens for 5 mins then things resume to normal.

wat could cause this spike in cpu usage by the .ext the program dosnt become anymore graphic intensive than normal.

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