Updated Itunes - lost sound

  Ankermi31 09:18 31 Aug 2008

Windows XP IE 7

My son has a lot of music and film on his computer. He decided to update ITunes yesterday but when he tried to play music back he has found he has no sound. Checked a couple of films and sound missing from those also.

Device Manager is showing no errors.

Can you offer any advise please.

Thanks in advance


  Mike10C 10:13 31 Aug 2008

Your simplest option is to restore the computer back to before you did the itunes upgrade.

Go to the restore options and pick the restore version just before the upgrade, and restore.

That should solve your immediate problem.

You may wish to re install the itunes upgrade.
Run a new downloadd of the upgrade and save it.

Then turn off all other programmes including your anti virus programme. Then try re installing.

Good luck

  Ankermi31 13:03 31 Aug 2008

Tried the restore point or so I am told and he says that nothing different has happened.

I assume to reinstall the upgrade it needs to be saved to cd/dvd then carry out the last para? Then tell the cd to install to ITunes

I am a bit confused over what you suggest
- sorry.

  Mike10C 09:15 01 Sep 2008

Hello again. Sorry to hear the restore has not worked.

My thoughts were, that if it had worked, you would now be back to the earlier version of iTunes, and you may wish to try the upgrade again.

If so then you would need to download the upgrade file again and then re install. I normally save such downloads to a downloads folder.

But as the restore did not work then all this is theory.

My next step having made sure the i-Tunes music files are saved somewhere, I would try to un-install the upgrade that you tried. Go to programme manager and find the list of installed programmes and un-install the itunes upgrade.
If this works then you should be back with the original version and your sound back.

I can see that you also have a thread on sound drivers. A driver update is indeed another route to follow. There is a helpfull thread on realtec driver issues which might help you if you have a realtec sound system

My son also had problems with iTunes on his PC and in the end we had to take off itunes completely and then re install it to get it to work properly.

  Ankermi31 12:13 01 Sep 2008

Hi Mike
Thanks for you comprehensive reply.

OK to save his music files - there are so many copied from the I-Pod and from CDs suppose he could start all over again!

Programme Manager - he is on Windows XP.
ITunes in the Installed/Uninstalled on control panel shows no separate updates and its the same on my system though I have updated mine.

His driver is a C-media AC97 and a definate big yellow bloob against it!

Like you I think probably the iTunes needs off loading or more likely his system needs to be taken for a "clean-up".

Thanks for your help.


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