Updated graphics card drivers causing problems

  kevvyb 23:18 24 Mar 2003

Why didn't I just leave well alone??

Updated my drivers for GEForce3 to v41.09. Had been using the version supplied with the card on
the CD. This caused some problems so decided to go back to original drivers.

Di this by 'updating' drivers via Device Manager and clicked no to each of the suggestions to keep the newer file on my HD.

Now get a RunDLL dialogue on startup:
"Error in C:\windows\system\NvCpl.dll
Missing entry at startup"

Tried replacing the said file direct from installation CD to Windows System folder to no avail.

I also have an icon in Control panel called 'NVidia Nview Desktop Manager' which lists files related to the new driver (v41.09). Would like to get rid of this. Might be causing the problem.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Should I remove the graphics drivers via add/remove programs and then reinstall?

  professor 23:35 24 Mar 2003

remove g.card from system, right-click "my computer" click "properties" then device managerthen remove g.card then dont reboot like it may ask but remove all software to do with it via add\remove programs, then restart pc.

after restart dont let windows install anything instead reinstall latest drivers,the new drivers will be better than the originals just seems as though ur pc got the files confused.


  professor 23:37 24 Mar 2003

dont know if they are the drivers uve got but i hear detonator3 drivers work wonders with geforce cards improves performance by upto 30% over the normal drivers for the geforce cards(or so i hear)


  PSF 23:41 24 Mar 2003

There is a conflict when you change to the newer drivers run detonator destroyer click here and the re-install the drivers and that will fix your problem.

Some files are left from the older version and the stop the newer drivers working.

  pc moron 23:42 24 Mar 2003

Yes, I'm using the nVidia detonator driver version 30.82 on my GForce3 card and have no problems.

  PSF 23:54 24 Mar 2003

There is another 30xx to 40xx driver fix here click here

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