updated to Broadband but cant get outlook to send

  Rtus 20:02 17 Jan 2006

friend set-up email accounts on freeserve pay as you go connection. Now just upgraded to broadband connection via a third party monthly package.works fine (speedtouch usb modem)Im unable to get the email SMTP settings accepted in outlook 2003 even though they work ok in PYG mode. The BB mail goes off and collects inbox ok but wont send at all. any ideas

  Rtus 07:55 18 Jan 2006


  handful 08:03 18 Jan 2006

Set the smtp to whatever the new connection settings are (If I remember right) e.g. if your smtp setting used to be smtp.freeserve.co.uk but your new provider is tiscali. set the smtp setting to smtp.tiscali.co.uk. Sorry if I've got this wrong but I'm almost sure that is your problem.

  ventanas 08:32 18 Jan 2006

Is there any error message in the form of ?x?????? after the send fails. A well documented example is 0x8004210B. Also is Wanadoo (Freeserve) still the provider.

  PC Bilbo 08:39 18 Jan 2006

See this thread also

click here

  Graham ® 09:50 18 Jan 2006

My setting for outgoing mail with PlusNet:
Outgoing mail server (SMTP) is relay.plus.net

  quack 09:53 18 Jan 2006

Check the website of your new ISP for their Server settings and change your present settings to the ones they supply.

  Rtus 18:02 18 Jan 2006

handful. thanks but its not the smtp settings..PC Bilbo..read your thread link thanks however the pop settings are the same.& correct ..when checked on wanadoo site..
ventanas yes similar message but forget exactly what it says ,there tommorrow to try rectify with latest Ideas..Graham.thanks..Quack . I have new accounts to setup/Add to outlook from the new Isp.allready have full data for that,and will be done tommorrow. The current situ is Im going to change the settings to use 3rd party access .within outlook properties. Ill advise if that sorts it in the evening of the 19th..
Thanks everyone.

  Rtus 15:18 19 Jan 2006

it appears if the SMTP connection doesnt get accessed from the original account access is denied..no matter what the pop3 settings used....As the original dial-up account no longer used due to going elsewhere for BB account. We ve set up a new account system for email on new BB account address.
Thanks for your time folks.

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