Updated BIOS now PC won't boot up

  First Bass 14:42 09 Aug 2008

I updated the BIOS of a PC running XP home using the manufacturer's update program (ASUS updater). The program read the (beta) update as a good image, and then updated from file. The program then prompted a restart, but the PC won't now get beyond the opening ASUS K8V MX motherboard screen. Windows XP disc won't run either. Is there anything I can do to rescue this machine?

  woodchip 14:45 09 Aug 2008

go into bios to see if you can put things back to what they was

  woodchip 14:46 09 Aug 2008

ps its also a good idea to turn off the computer, not restart. it may then work

  DieSse 14:48 09 Aug 2008

When you update a BIOS, you should also reset the CMOS before using it, by means of the CMOS clear jumper on the motherboard.

Why, as a matter of interest, did you update the BIOS? - to fix what issue?

  DieSse 14:49 09 Aug 2008

BTW - beta means "not yet tested enough for proper release".

IE it may still have bugs.

  I am Spartacus 14:56 09 Aug 2008

Put a copy of the older BIOS onto a USB flash drive and power on. Hold down the Alt key and repeatedly tap F2. Follow the steps on screen to reflash it.

Then give thanks for EZ Flash system Asus have built in.

  I am Spartacus 14:58 09 Aug 2008

Another way to 'jiggle' the BIOS in an Asus board is to power off at the PSU and immediately after that switch it back on. That should then require you to press F1 to get into the BIOS, make and changes and save them.

  crosstrainer 15:22 09 Aug 2008

Suggestion (or you can also use a floppy disk if your machine has one.

I would never flash a BIOS with a BETA (still work in progress) And I'm shocked that Asus woul have released it without a whole lot of caveats and warnings.

Flash it back to the old BIOS, and cross your fingers.

  First Bass 17:10 09 Aug 2008

Thank you for all these mailings. When I get back to the machine that I messed up I will try the power off/on and flash drive suggestions. I attempted to update the BIOS on that PC as it would only boot with difficulty - on about 1 in 5 attempts - and then by holding The Tab key or F8 key. The machine does not get beyond the first boot up screen now so I can't access the BIOS, and it will not get so far as to read removable media. I had a similar booting problem on another PC before, and the BIOS update worked fine. This time I should have thought twice when I saw the beta reference, particularly as there was an intermediate update I could have used - and I was in a rush and I wrongly trusted all the updates on the ASUS site.

  First Bass 16:17 18 Aug 2008

Managed to get the machine back up using Spartacus's tip about using the Alt key and F2. The machine looked for a Floppy Disk though - fortunately I had one handy with the ROM BIOS - as well as having had a flash drive prepared. The ASUS updater loaded, but would not let me replace the new beta BIOS with an older version.It accepted the new (beta) version again. After reinstating the same BIOS the machine started first time. (Seems possible that the beta ROM is not at fault?)Alas, the machine has now reverted to only booting after repeated attempts. I will now try to reset the CMOS as DieSse suggests, and hope for the best.
Thanks again!

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