update to xp or not

  dozerman 10:34 15 Mar 2003

Will someone please tell me if I buy the xp home edition upgrade, will I be able to install it on my desktop and my laptop. I have 98se at the moment is it worth it.

  powerless 10:39 15 Mar 2003

Only on the one machine, not the two. Ih you want it on the two you'll have to buy two copies.

But if your happy with what you have, ie: it works perfectly fine. Then dont upgrade. XP is far more stable than 98, so if you want stability XP is then one.

Also if yo go XP you'll hae to check that hardware and software is compatiable, worst case you'll have to buy new soft/hardware to run on XP.

  VoG™ 10:39 15 Mar 2003

As I understand it you can only install it on one computer.

  Forum Editor 10:41 15 Mar 2003

are both right. You can only install WinXP on one machine.

  VoG™ 10:42 15 Mar 2003

Check hardware and software compatibility click here

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 10:50 15 Mar 2003

The worst part for me ,well the most annoying was the continual activation,if i added another user i had to acctivate it again lol dont know if it supposed to do that but what the heck if you only keep it for one it quite good OS not as good as i thought but it is more stable and i got another pc with 98se on so i can have the best of both,i play a lot of games and i find XP tripe for them lol.


  dozerman 10:57 15 Mar 2003

Stay where i am thanks all

  menorcarob2 10:59 15 Mar 2003

yes i have xp pro on a new laptop and it seems great, the only resevation i would have if i were you, would be to wait untill MS got its act together and finished xp so that all of the problems that people exsperience are solved, and as you will probable appreciate by that time MS will have released yet another OS " THIS IS OUR BEST OS YET, YOU MUST HAVE IT " then sit back and constantly connect to MS updates to get the OS updates for two years and then repeat the cycle, strikes me as a very good business, especialy as you can put in your sales agreement that it is not gaurenteed to work with any other software including titles by MS. and they wonder why people cheat.

  [email protected] 11:13 15 Mar 2003

XP home does have limitations The best program is XP Pro but do not be fooled their are other programs like lindows, alpha which are coming up to speed fairly quickly & at less than a third of the price of Microsoft. Win 98 even ME are out of date so you will not be able to find updates for these programs anywhere. As often as not the hardware is the main factor in choices & as you may have noticed the best hardware does not come cheap but as always the advice is buy the best you can afford
Make the jump you will not regret it

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:18 15 Mar 2003

'Win 98 even ME are out of date so you will not be able to find updates for these programs anywhere'....just to clarify, 98 and ME are NOT out of date (I notice the Microsoft hype has worked). They are both current and no worse than XP.

I use ME and 98 because they are both stable, do everything that I need and XP has NO earth-shattering benefits for me (and most of the rest of home computer users). This old chestnut about updates is ridiculous. I rarely d/l any updates as they are mainly security fixes, have a habit of being a little buggy (SP-1 for XP ;-)) ) and AVG and Outpost already take care of most faults. The fixes often refer to networks which, for a home user, is irrelevant.

For the updarte fiends amongst us there still are all the updates available to make a HD groan. Many sites have cached updates but as I have written many times before...you will not need the updates.

It is interesting to note that XP home edition updates are being withdrawn PDQ...surely not to encourage people to buy the bovinely named 'Longhorn'.


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