Update to Win XP from Win 98SE

  Mike_R 12:48 28 Feb 2004

Idiot's guide required, please, for Win XP update from Win 98SE on Evesham Vale Athlon PC of Feb 2000.
I thought of doing a clean upgrade and have copied my files to CD. I loaded the XP CD and got an upgrade report. The "Hardware compatibilily Issues" listed are :
USB disk controller
Snapscan Touch
SupraSST 56i PRO DFV #2
Also creative Labs soundblaster is "Software incompapatible"

I've got an XP version of Scanwise with loading instructions downloaded from Agfa and copied to CD.
I've ordered an update CD from Creative Labs who also were very helpful.
Evesham Vale told me to download "suprasst-2850" from their driver site but will not give me any further advice as to quote them, " they offer support for the originally supplied operating system only". I have downloaded suprasst and copied it to CD.
What do I do now? Do I load Win XP and ignore any warnings? Then how do I activate suprasst which, I assume, is an update for the modem. Also what was the Win XP warning on "USB disk controller about, which Evesham Vale did not comment on?

Sorry if this is all obvious to anyone other than me.

  billyliv 12:57 28 Feb 2004

Hi, Go ahead and instal XP. All of the drivers you will require can be downloaded from various sites. You can also uninstal XP and revert to ME if you wish. I used to curse XP but now after getting used to it, I think it is tops. Cheers, Bill

  anon1 13:00 28 Feb 2004

"USB disk controller Snapscan Touch SupraSST 56i PRO DFV #2" If you have typed that correctly then I read that as being the controller for your scanner and if that is what the agfa item is then the drivers you have got (scanwise) should correct that issue. XP will still work but you may have limtations until you get the upgraded drivers.

  Mike_R 18:04 28 Feb 2004

No, I as happy with the reply by Agfa about Scanwise. SupraSST 56i PRO DFV #2" is something to do with the modem and I got a download from Evesham Vale but do not know how to activate it.

  Mike_R 18:28 29 Feb 2004

Sorry to come back on this one but my problem is that I've got the download of Suprasst-2850 from Evesham Vale but don't know what I should do with it. I assume that it is something to do with using the modem under Win XP. What I don't want to find is that when I load Win XP I can't use the modem as I'll then be stuck for support.

  temp003 04:57 01 Mar 2004

If you're sure the driver is one for XP, then just go ahead and install XP.

After installation, go to Device Manager. Windows (even XP) seldom finds the right modem driver, and so it's likely you'll find a yellow exclamation mark against an item called PCI Communications Device or something like that.

What to do next depends on what the download is. If it is an .exe file for the Suprasst, then just double click teh .exe file to install the driver.

More often it's a collection of files, one or more with file extension .inf, then you need to install driver manually. Double click the item in Device Manager, driver tab, click update driver, and follow the prompts. You should select let Windows search for driver, but also tick "Specify location" and/or floppy/CDROM if you have the driver on floppy/CD. If XP finds it, let it do the job. If you get asked to specify where the driver is, just browse to where you keep the driver (CD or disk or floppy). Click OK and follow the prompts.

  Mike_R 14:44 04 Mar 2004

Thanks for the welcome advice but I'm back to square one. I loaded XP and told it where the driver was. The XP Wizard then told me that its own driver was a better one, or words to that effect. When I attempted to use the internet all I got was a "No dialling tone" message , and whatever I did I couldn't get anywhere. XP was OK when getting its updates online. However, once installed, it could not even dial out to register online.
I am now back in Win98 for the second time. Any ideas on where I go next? Broadband should be available in my area shortly. Will I need a new modem and should that solve it?

  Kate B 17:00 04 Mar 2004

I ended up buying a new modem when I did an upgrade on an Evesham machine of about that vintage with that PCI modem from 98 to XP - it just doesn't work under XP, I'm afraid. A new PCI modem isn't expensive nor hard to fit.

  Mike_R 17:05 04 Mar 2004

Thanks. I will not waste any more time or temper trying to connect the ancient modem to XP.

  Kate B 17:07 04 Mar 2004

Yeah, I spent a while tearing my hair out, too!

  Boluwd 18:37 04 Mar 2004

I have a Mesh of around the same vintage as your Evesham and I also tried the upgrade from W98SE to XP. I also have the Supra SST modem (and the Agfa scanner and Creative Live soundcard). The creative disk that you will receive will sort out the soundcard drivers and the scanner is sorted by the looks of things. The XP drivers for the modem should be included in the following file suprasst-2850-winxp_30512.exe. There is also a suprasst-2850-winxp_30512.txt file available which gives instructions on how to install the new driver.
The drivers do work, HOWEVER (!!!) the biggest problem I had with upgrading to XP was the fact that the Athlon CPU was only 650Mhz which is pretty gutless by todays standards. What size is your Athlon? In the end I have stuck with Windows 98 on that machine and treated myself to a new Mesh (Xp Home and all)

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