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  Belatucadrus 15:36 05 Feb 2005

After I last invited comments on it I had planned to revamp my freeware page completely after some negative thoughts on frames, however I've been otherwise engaged and have had to make do with some tweaks to tidy it up in IE. The lower scrollbars should now be gone at 1024 x 768 or above. Dead links have been deleted or updated. I put in some transition effects, fairly pointless but what the hell I felt like it at the time (They don't show up in Firefox). There are also a couple of new pages.

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  Forum Editor 16:33 05 Feb 2005

I can't truly like a site that runs frames - they look so old-fashioned, quite apart from anything else.

- Your navigation system is unduly complex, and a little irritating, and I don't like the fact that you haven't included the Nav buttons on every page. Anyone who lands on one of the inside pages has to search around for your drop-down navigation menu before they can get back to the homepage - why don't you simplify things by putting the same navigation frame on every page?

My other comment is about the text. Times New Roman looks very old-hat now, and you would find that if you opted for Verdana your text would look far more appealing.

If was to design a site like yours - one that relies on lots of links to external sites - I would undoubtedly opt to use tables. Short descriptions of the various downloads in one column, with hyperlinks to the site concerned alongside in another. Your site would look far neater, and be much easier to use.

Finally, if you use your ISP's free web-space you can forget about ever getting any real traffic. Your own domain name, plus a decent web-hosting package would really set you up, and wouldn't cost much at all.

  Belatucadrus 16:54 05 Feb 2005

OK point by point.

1) Frames, as I said if and when I get time, until then.

2)Nav buttons. I decided at the beginning that speed of loading for non BB users was a prime design factor so I cut graphics content of any kind down to the bone. The button bar while OK on the front page takes time to load, it's also bulky and takes up space, so I didn't carry it through to other pages. this is probably not noticable on BB, but to those of us on dial up it is. As to revamping the navigation, again I'm back to time, currently HND course work takes priority and will do for a few months yet.

3) Font, easy enough I'll try Verdana and see what it looks like.

4) Tables, nice idea, but again Im pushed for time and such a big revamp is out of the question at the moment.

5) Hosting, if it was anything other than an academic exercise, I'd agree, but as it's completely ad/sponser free and done only for my own satisfaction, I don't intend to spend anything on it.
Apparently it's had over 8000 hits since I loaded it last August which I find astounding.

  Taran 17:38 05 Feb 2005

Since time is your enemy, why not consider this:

Create a table template (left column for navigation buttons, main content cell, header cell and footer if required).

Copy and paste your navigation buttons into the relevant cell.

Now copy and paste you page content into the content cell.

Run a 'Find and replace' and remove all instances of frame references from your links.

Job more or less done.

I think the upgrade that is staring you in the face seems a lot more complex and time consuming than it needs to be.

And, since you mention hits, 8000 hits is not an indication of anything useful. 8000 unique visitors would be something useful to you, but if I request one frames page I am requesting several files (top from, left frame, main content page etc) plus any graphics, so if your home page was three framed pages making one, with two images (for the sake of argument) I would have produced five hits just to see one page.

Where frames are concerned your hits count will go through the roof. Unique visitors is the count you should be interested in, and you will probably find that they will number in the hundreds if your hits have gone into the thousands.


  Belatucadrus 20:06 05 Feb 2005

Maybe my use of the word 'Hits' was inappropriate, the figure given is the Wanadoo 'My statistics' visitor count. It doesn't give clear indications as to how the figure is obtained.
I've changed the font to Verdana, FE was right, it does look better, though a bit big at the moment, I may reduce it later.
Unfortunately some experimentation has corrupted one of the frames, I'll fix that first then have a look at the copy past options in the table.

  Forum Editor 00:08 06 Feb 2005

there's often a good deal of misunderstanding over the question of 'hits'. Apart from the frame hits already mentioned, you need to understand that a single person checking out your site will record many hits as he/she clicks back and forth from page to page. You'll be notching up a good few yourself as you check things when you make alterations.

Reduce the Verdana point size to 10 point as a maximum (I usually use 8 point) and you'll find it looks far better.

  Belatucadrus 11:26 19 Feb 2005

Sorry, but I can't even replicate the effect at that screen setting, in IE or Firefox, so looking for a fix has been impossible. Hopefully when I get down to the layered tabular approach it will not be an issue.

  Belatucadrus 23:12 19 Feb 2005

Odd, with mine the scroll bar appears if you jack the text size up to large or larger, but on medium there's nothing. I have no answer and unfortunately will have to leave the site for the next few weeks at least, as I have some assignments that are taking priority.

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