Update USB1 to USB2

  MIKE 16:30 13 Oct 2003

Could anyone give me advice inregards to updating USB1 to USB2. I have a Dell 800Mhz Dimension which is approx 3 years old running 98se and would like to update to USB2 is this possible or maybe too expensive to consider, is it just a case of changing a card and new drivers. Many thanks for your help.

  zydec 16:33 13 Oct 2003


The best way here is to add a USB2.0 PCI card.

Make sure that your machine meet the specs on the box and make sure that the vendor of the card supports 98se.

  goonerbill 16:43 13 Oct 2003

you can do as zydec has suggested or upgrade ya motherboard and cpu. ya may also need a new case if mobo dont fit present case.

heres a good card click here

dont know how good, as have usb2 on mobo

  Djohn 16:55 13 Oct 2003

As above. A USB2 card can be purchased for approximately £20.00 Insert into a spare PCI slot, install the driver and away you go with four new USB2 ports at the rear of your PC. Most boards that already have USB1 will accept this upgrade, but ask before buying. j.

  AubreyS 17:10 13 Oct 2003

I put a USB2 card into my old PC. It took about 5 minutes to do. It was a P3 500 and It worked well.

  MIKE 21:05 13 Oct 2003

Many thanks folks, its great to know there's always help out there

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