update for TTG

  Ikelos 21:55 17 Nov 2005

hi all, just in case you did not already know, new software has been released for all TOM-TOM GO users, and of course it is free..

  sunny staines 17:31 18 Nov 2005

thankyou. no map updates though, apparently a new version is planned for the german market early in the new year.

  Bagsey 18:06 18 Nov 2005

Before you get too excited about this so called upgrade look at
click here

  sunny staines 18:20 18 Nov 2005

Found the following comment when trawling Bagsey's link.

following the failed attempt to upgrade to 5.420 which buggered my SD card, whilst awaiting delivery of the new one ordered last night, I thought...why not try Scandisk, it can't cause any more harm. So I ran scandisk with auto repair enabled on my removable drive I and, miracle, it ran and reported that it had found problems and fixed them....I was then able to open the SD card in "my computer" and wiped it, then I cut and pasted my backup of the SD card and I am now back to where I started with 5.201 running normally. When I get my new Sd card I will back up to that and maybe try the update again on ny formerly buggered but now restored card.
not shouting just triumphant...got you this time TT

  sunny staines 11:36 19 Nov 2005

despite the above entry & tomtom taking the update offline for modification the revised update is still causing problems in the various gps forums.
I would not advise the download at the present time.
pocketgps camera poi's & something called scardy cat also causing problems with the update.

  Bagsey 12:14 19 Nov 2005

Scaredy Cat is a member of the tom tom forum who is a very clever programmer. He has produced a lot of very useful add ins for the ttg. However it now seems that Tom TOm have messed up all his work by making his progs. inopperable with their latest update. It would appear that all of the update hype and trouble is only to correct a fault that TomTom built in with vers 5.01. i.e. they cut down on the number of pois that could be loaded. Tom Tom customer relations dept is the pits. Their product is excellent.

  anchor 12:33 19 Nov 2005

I have the TomTom Go 700 but, following the adverse comments and problems reported on the Go forum, I would not even consider installing it until they are resolved.

It works fine with version 5.201.

The differences in the new update, as stated on the TomTom site, are:

It's even easier to start a Traffic trial on your device.
- After setting up TomTom Traffic, it is automatically enabled.
- CDMA is now also supported for connecting to TomTom PLUS.
- Streets with the same name in towns that are close together are not confused in this version.
- The quality of the sound has been optimised when using hands-free calling (GO 500 and 700).
- Version 5.420 is compatible with more mobile phones.
- All entries in the phonebook on your mobile phone are now transferred to the device, no matter where they are stored.

  Ikelos 12:57 19 Nov 2005

i nailed it into mine, took it out for a test drive and it is all 100%...............

so there you have it :-)

  g0nvs 13:38 19 Nov 2005

Like all updates, let the dust settle first. This new update does very little anyway.

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