Update time/date settings after power off.

  NORGAD 11:04 09 Feb 2003

I have a problem with keeping date/time updated.
My date/time in windows keeps updated when switched off via the shut down window. However,
if I power down the mains after this by the
turn-off switch at the back of the case it only recalls the switch-off value and has to be reset.
The battery has been recently replaced but is there a setting in the BIOS that needs to be altered

  Gongoozler 11:24 09 Feb 2003

NORGAD, the most common problem with time/date settings is a battery failure - but you have replaced the battery. Are your BIOS settings retained after switch off? The only things I can think of are :

1. Your new battery may be faulty. Can you check it with a voltmeter?

2. You have left the Clear CMOS link in the CLEAR position.

3. There is a fault in the motherboard clock function.

  Pesala 12:41 09 Feb 2003

When you get that fixed, or even if you cannot, this Atomic Clock Sync will keep your PC up to date.

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