Update problems, AVG and Spybot

  TommyRed 17:31 07 Mar 2004

I know a lot of people, myself included, have been having trouble getting the latest update automatically for AVG. I therefore went to the Grisoft site and downloaded the latest update 614 but got this error message, Windows cannot open this file U610lbuc.bin To open this file................. Choose one of the following Use the web services to find the appropriate program OR Select the program from a list. How do I sort this? Also Spybot just freezes when I try and D/L the latest updates, any advice for doing it manually. TIA TR

  TommyRed 17:37 07 Mar 2004

Sorted AVG but still need Spybot. TR

  VoG II 17:45 07 Mar 2004

Spybot - select the Australian site from the dropdown list.

  byfordr 17:45 07 Mar 2004

have you tried the oz download site? or you can download manual updates from here click here



  byfordr 17:46 07 Mar 2004

Vog lightning fingers strikes again!

  byfordr 17:46 07 Mar 2004

Vog lightning fingers strikes again!

  Clint2 17:46 07 Mar 2004

Have you tried the alternative download locations in Spybot. The Australian one is good.

  Clint2 17:47 07 Mar 2004


  TommyRed 18:01 07 Mar 2004

I've managed to download manually the updates which I've put in the update folder, but when I click on help>about it doesn't show those updates. I may just uninstall and re-install the latest version. TR

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