update problem

  dabiggord 20:04 26 Oct 2007

My son has recently taken his new Dell laptop to uni. He's successfully downloaded a few programs such as AVG & Adaware to protect it but has been unable to update them. Each time he tries something comes up which implies he's run out of time. Any ideas why this should be?

  MAJ 20:24 26 Oct 2007

If he is connected to the uni network, it's possible that it is blocking the update.
If he has a firewall installed, ZoneAlarm for example, it's possible that is blocking the updates.
If neither of the above, get him to make sure he can successfully connect to the internet properly before trying to update.

  dabiggord 20:30 26 Oct 2007

Thanks. I just thought it odd that there seemed no problem in downloading the original programs - it's just the updates that are stopped.

  MAJ 20:36 26 Oct 2007

In that case, I would suspect that it might be the firewall blocking the updates. Usually when the program initially tries to update, the firewall will ask for permission to allow the update, it's then that the user tells the firewall to "always allow" the update process, by ticking a box (as in ZoneAlarm). If he originally denied the update after ticking that box, then the firewall will no longer the update process until he goes into the firewall's settings and 're-allows' the update.

  MAJ 20:38 26 Oct 2007

........ then the firewall will no longer allow the update process until he goes ..........

  dabiggord 20:41 26 Oct 2007

Sorry to confuse. He tried to download Zonealarm but couldn't - so it's just the Windows firewall he's got. Which bit of the Windows firewall would he have to go into to get it to allow the downloads?

  MAJ 20:48 26 Oct 2007

I don't use the Windows firewall myself, dabiggord, but this should help. click here

  dabiggord 21:53 26 Oct 2007


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