Update on my new CISS

  [DELETED] 11:34 24 May 2006

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CISS update.

Cannot fault this system

Only been running it now for just over a week, but it has had some extensive printing in that time.

I print a catalogue for all the “Matchbox” collectors worldwide. I normally only print to order as it is a 19 page catalogue with 8 full colour A4 pages and 10 text and 1 blank side. The colour pages are printed at Photo Quality on Photo Glossy paper from Choice Stationery.

I have just printed 10 copies of the catalogue in one go. (80 full colour A4 pages).

As any Matchbox collector will know the predominant colour on the boxes is yellow.

All the cartridge levels went down as normal, the yellow level dropping below the halfway mark. How do I get it to refill, as I thought it would just keep replenishing from the reservoir as and when it needed to?

Back to the user manual. Instruction 4. Ink amount reset. Switch the printer off for about 30 seconds. Switch printer on, do one head clean and now the cartridges are refilled. Any cartridge that is not below the halfway mark does not refill. So it seems that the idea is to wait until the “Low Ink” dialogue appears and then do the switch off/switch on routine.

So far I have not had a duff print, every page is identical with no deterioration whatsoever.

Now trying to find a similar system for my Epson 895 printer, no luck so far though.

  [DELETED] 17:16 24 May 2006

Having been asked to post an update/review of this system it is fast disappearing down the list.

Just posting this to keep it at the top as I realise most of you have to go to work for a whole day.

  [DELETED] 17:44 24 May 2006

Glad it's working OK I picked mine up last week but have not fitted it yet.
Which printer is it fitted to?
Did you have any problem removing the cartridge cover inside the printer.
And wqhich side of the printer have you got the reservoirs?

  [DELETED] 18:00 24 May 2006

Smiler, it's fitted to the Epson R200 printer.

The reservoirs are standing on the right hand side of the printer. I didn't remove the cartridge cover (I assume you mean the grey cover that goes over all the cartridges)? There is no need to remove that cover.

  [DELETED] 18:19 24 May 2006

Can you give me a link to the site for your system as mine seems to be different. It states that I must remove the cover

  [DELETED] 11:04 25 May 2006

Smiler, link here:

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I ordered it on Friday and it was delivered on Tuesday. They also do 100ml refill kit for £11.99

Just read the install again: Instruction 2. Take out original cartridges, install system cartridges according to the colour order, press the cartridges down tightly, close the cartridge cover.

  [DELETED] 13:46 25 May 2006

I have the R300 and have bought the CISS inkcon001mt which seems to be different to the inkcon001ot which is listed as OEM.

The instructions with mine say to remove the clips holding the cover and then remove the cover and fit the cartridges.

Anyway I've installed it all now and it's up and running, colours are excellent even on plain paper. Very pleased.

  Stuartli 13:54 25 May 2006

Your photo printing costs must have been cut by a staggering amount.

  [DELETED] 14:34 25 May 2006

Stuartli, time will tell. Prior to getting the CISS I had just taken delivery of 3 sets of ink from Choice (still unopened). So, do I keep them as backup in case the CISS goes wrong? Also have the (used) cartridges that were in the printer before I installed the CISS. They are probably no good now, so will chuck them in the bin.

If the CISS continues to work as it is doing now then I might just offer you my unopened R200/300 cartridges???

  [DELETED] 14:53 25 May 2006

Work it out. Choice Stationery complete set of 6 cartridges for R200 £19.95.

My CISS says at least 7x equivalent. 7 x 19.95 =
139.65. Even if you don't buy the refill but just buy another system at £29.99 plus postage the savings are enormous.

  Stuartli 14:55 25 May 2006

That would be very kind of you...:-)

Normal cartridge packaging information is to keep cartridges sealed until required and use them immediately (i.e. put one or more as required in the printer) to ensure they don't dry out/block up and cause problems.

Might be worth sending your no longer needed used cartridges for recycling or charity purposes rather than throwing them in the bin.

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