Update on my cd-r burning problem

  Chris Webster 21:41 19 Apr 2007

Here is an update on my ongoing problems with my laptop dvd/cd-rw drive and also a question.

See this thread for my original problem click here

My drive is now intermittently not reading installation discs as well as the original problem.

I phoned Comet about my problem as my extended warranty is still valid until September 24th. I was asked for an additional payment of £24.99 in case the problem turned out to be software related and I was told it would be refunded if it turned out to be a hardware fault, which I was telling them it was. After spending over 2 hours on the phone with a young girl reading off a screen and going through various diagnostic checks (one which included deleting some registry keys, good job I made a restore point as I needed to use it) which failed to solve anything (most of which I had already done myself anyway) I was told there was one more thing to try before their insurers would even consider fitting a new dvd/cd-rw drive and that was to completely reinstall Windows. I said I wasn’t prepared to do this at the present as I was 99.99% sure it was the drive at fault. She said to phone back when I was ready for the reinstall as they had to take me through it.

Next day I borrowed my dads external usb cd burner and plugged it into my laptop, I then ‘disabled’ my laptops dvd/cd-rw drive. I tried burning a disc and everything worked as it should using the exact same software that Comet was telling me was at fault. I did various checks myself using various files to different discs and then adding more to an exciting disc and again everything was as it should be.

I phoned Comet up again today (18th April) to tell them what I had done and that everything worked through an external usb cd burner and the girl agreed it was a hardware fault and would put me through to someone else to book it in for repair. When I was put through the lad said I still had to reinstall Windows before their insurers would even consider a repair. I told him everything I had done and he said his hands were tied, their insurers insist on a complete Windows reinstall and they have to talk me through it. I said to him “so your extended warranty/insurance isn’t worth the paper it’s written on then”, the worrying thing is that he agreed with me. It looks like I am still £24.99 out of pocket plus the cost of the extended warranty and all the time on the phone and I’ve still got a faulty drive.

Where do I go from here?

Now to my question,

Are there anymore checks or anything I can do myself to prove my drive is at fault?

If you’ve sat and read all of this then thank you.

Thanks, Chris.

  howard64 21:52 19 Apr 2007

can you take the drive out and try it in another pc? Also could you borrow another drive and put that in your pc?

  Chris Webster 21:59 19 Apr 2007

My drive is in a laptop and I think you have to open it up to replace it.

Thanks, Chris.

  rdave13 22:10 19 Apr 2007

Maybe some help.. click here

  Chris Webster 23:41 24 Apr 2007

My drive failed completely over the weekend, Comet are picking my laptop up on Thursday for a new drive to be fitted.

Cheers, Chris.

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