'UPDATE' Malware??

  pppc 20:43 07 May 2006

Recently I have started getting a small pop up window that reads 'Updates are ready for your computer. Click here to install these updates'.
I ignore it - I just click the 'x'. The message is related to a small gold shield in the system tray. There is no indication of the source.

Since going to Windows XP SP2 I have been registered for Automatic upadates from MS and this seems to have worked.

Am I right in being very suspicious of this window - and if so, what can I do about it? (I have PANDA Platinum anti-virus and I run SpyBot and AdAware (which I keep udated) frequently)).


  Diodorus Siculus 20:45 07 May 2006

I think that's the windows update feature. Certainly it sounds like it. Can you take a screenshot of it and post a link.

  VoG II 20:45 07 May 2006

The description fits Windows Update. Left clicking on the yellow shield icon should bring up a message like 'Updates are ready...' or similar.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:46 07 May 2006

Is there a way to turn this off? - COMPUTERS/WEB - Popular - blog board
"Sounds like what you're describing is the Windows Auto-Update feature. New exploits and vulnerabilities are discovered in the Windows OS (and other MS programs such as the office suite) all the time, and so Microsoft frequently releases "Security Updates" which you can download from their site, which fix these problems. Auto-Update runs in the background of your system when you start your PC, and periodically connects to the Microsoft Site to check if any new updates have been released since the last time the system was updated. If it finds there are, it downloads and installs them automatically.

Sometimes these updates have to be installed independently of each other - which is why you can, suddenly, get three or four which you have to install, reboot, download the next one and install... etc.

This can be a pain in the backside, 'cos not every update is applicable to your particular setup... I turn mine off. If you're using XP (sounds like you are) go to Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Security Center and select "Off" for Automatic Updates. You can then perform the process manually, when you feel like it, by clicking "Windows Update" at the top of the menu which comes up then you click the Start Button."
click here

  pppc 19:03 08 May 2006

Emboldened by your replies I have accepted the offer and it is Microsoft's Auto Update. Presumably they have changed/upgraded the system as it never used to be like that.

Many thanks to all for your responses.

  Mad Mick 19:46 09 May 2006

Microsoft send out updates on the second Tuesday of each month and sometimes more frequently in the case of an urgent fix. I would urge you to let this programme do it's work.

  Stuartli 20:04 09 May 2006

Only updates that apply to your system will be downloaded - don't turn it off as it's a vital security factor.

You have obviously configured Windows Update to advise you when updates are available and that you wish to allow installation, rather than automatic installation.

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