Update to malawarebytes premium today

  john bunyan 19:44 25 Mar 2015

I have malawarebytes premium. Today a new version - v arrived. Whether by coincidence or not it found 8 threats - Hijack -SecurityRun

  john bunyan 19:45 25 Mar 2015

Sorry - should read v

  john bunyan 20:15 25 Mar 2015

Mine were on W7, and PUP's. Just wondered if these were found with new version that were not found with the old ones, which is set to run daily, automatically.

  tullie 20:23 25 Mar 2015

Mine turned up yesterday,same as JBs,Windows 8.1

  tullie 20:25 25 Mar 2015

Mine turned up yesterday,same as JBs,Windows 8.1

  john bunyan 09:44 26 Mar 2015

Any other users of Malawarebytres - new version - found these Hijack. SecurityRun threats?


Could these, I wonder, be false positives ?

  john bunyan 09:53 26 Mar 2015


I could not find HKLM in registry editor. Windows explorer found a reference in the Malawarebytes manual (which I did not realise I had) to rootkit. I have no Idea where "HKLM" actually is...

  rdave13 10:54 26 Mar 2015

It's HKEYLOCALMACHINE. Not updated MBM on win 8 machine yet.

  rdave13 11:04 26 Mar 2015

Checked for update but still on the version.

  john bunyan 11:15 26 Mar 2015


Thanks, found it. Cannot see anything to worry about, but will not delete the quarantined 8 items yet.

On W7 64 but the new version was offered automatically and has a slightly different dashboard with a large blue "Scan Now" box at the bottom, even though mine is set to auto scan daily.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:47 26 Mar 2015


It's a software restriction policy. It basically blocks something from running. The GUID (long string of letters and numbers enclosed in curly brackets) is the pointer to the thing that's been blocked. To find the "friendly name" of it, search the entire Registry for that GUID.

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